WEKUCOIN Trading Information with Whaleshares Users - Weku Promotion Post

2 years ago

Hello Friends,

Recently I posted article on Whaleshares blog to share WEKUCOIN trading information with Whaleshares users.

Here is a link to WEKUCOIN promotional article on Whaleshares:


I mention in my post about WEKUCOIN trading as bellow.

Now it's simple to Buy/Sell WEKU Coin:

  • If you don't have WEKU account, create one now by Click Here

  • Open an account on Bitshares Exchange https://wallet.bitshares.org/

  • Search for WEKUCOIN in Bitshares to buy some WEKU Coin with BTS Token

  • Transfer your WEKU Coin to address "weku-exchange" with your "WEKU account id" in the memo field

  • You can also sell your existing WEKU Coin for BTS by transferring your WEKU Coin to "bts-exchange" with your "BTS account ID" in the memo field

  • Transfers takes just some seconds to complete.

I personally advise to just buy WEKUCOIN now & do not sell at this time, wait for the price of WEKUCOIN to go high.

Friends, join and promote your WEKU post to Facebook page and Group.

WEKU Post Promotion Page

WEKU Post Promotion Group


Have a good day!

Post by @raviraj


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