What I Think about Future of WEKU

2 years ago

Hello Friends,

Today I want to share my thoughts of what I think about future of WEKU...

Steemit is a big competitor of WEKU, but now a days users are using steemit for just mining Steem by buying upvotes from upvote-bots. So there is no rewards for your quality post. And also in crypto trading, people are just not buying new Steem now so there is less chance for Steem to rise more.

WEKU is new and now started trading on Bitshares exchange.


I like WEKU because WEKU community members supports all good quality articles and maintain this. Also WEKU does not encourage upvote-bots in community so we can get pure rewards by posting good articles. So ultimately you can earn some real money for your time and good work. All of these above reasons WEKU will surely become more popular.

So friends do not sell your WEKU coin now, hold for some more time and help WEKU coin to rise by holding your coin.

Also promote WEKU to rise coin price.

There are many ways to promote WEKU, like...

  • Tell your friends & relatives about WEKU community and suggest them to invest some money in WEKU.

  • Promote WEKU on other social-media platforms and blogs.

  • You can also use Whatsapp & Telegram to promote WEKU in groups and channels.

If we all try to bring some new money in WEKU then we all will get more benefits from WEKU.

So friends keep promoting WEKU for higher price of coin and hold your coin to rise price at least $0.5 (USD).

Join Weku Post Promotion page & group on facebook.



Have a good day!

Post by @raviraj


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wow this is really interesting post about weku future.
Thanks for share with us..