How to Avoid and Deal with Your Negative Thoughts…!!!

2 months ago

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Negative thoughts that are left untended are like wounds that fester in time and paralyze the person who conceived them in the first place....

In our previous blog post, we explained the importance of dealing with your negative thoughts and introduced two methods through which you could take care of this dilemma.

In this article, I am going to explain three more ways that can really help you with your negative and detrimental thoughts.


If we spend too much time thinking about future possibilities, we will usually end up predicting the worst possible outcome for ourselves.

In a world where you are continually encouraged to be realistic about the probabilities of everything, it is easy to subconsciously embrace a pessimistic mentality.

When a presupposed mentality like this thinks about the future, negative outcomes as thoughts are an inevitable twist.

A proper way to deal with your negative thoughts is to stop predicting the future based on little and questionable evidence.


A Method: Reason with Yourself!

This might actually seem ridiculous, but you can try to reason with yourself when you feel you are starting to fall into that negative mind space.

This technique starts with finding a sentence or phrase you can recite to yourself in order to drive negative thoughts away.

No, it is not as confusing as it sounds!

You can simply approach this practice by taking a deep, relaxing breath and saying something like:

‘Just because I have struggled to find an appropriate job for a long doesn’t mean that I will never be able to find a good one in the future.’

Or something like:

‘Just because I made a tiny mistake here and there, doesn’t mean that I should underestimate myself or pressure myself to feel guilt.’

Trust me, friends… together, we can fight negativity wherever we find it!



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