Sometimes, A Steady Job is Like a Bribe That Compels Us to Forget Our Dreams...!!!

3 months ago

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Sometimes, I talk about truths that can only be experienced. Sometimes, I talk about facts that are undeniable, often supported by empirical evidence.

But there is yet another trend of information you witness in this blog… those articles or tidbits of data that cannot be applied to the majority of people.

With the assumption that most the members of our community are ambitious and aspiring dreamers, I want to unveil yet another truth of society today that has essentially been a personal observation of mine.

Financial stability is a controversial topic to approach. Most people seem to be defensive about the state of their economical prowess.
Of course, they have a right to be defensive! It is not an easy thing to find a good-paying job in the competitive scene of society.

Most of the times, finding that job is fundamentally about sacrificing our original dreams and visions of the future.

A lot of people call this ‘facing the reality’ but between you and me, nothing could be further from the truth, because that is not the reality of life at all.

I want to mention a point and leave you to ponder on it for a while. It may not be the absolute and non-negotiable truth.

It is not about commiserating with the circumstances of our lives. It is about embracing the bitter truth that may have engulfed us in its darkness.

So, here goes nothing:

Sometimes, our good-paying job and financial stability is a bribe from society that compels us to forget our dreams.

The question we must ask is the price and value we put on ourselves and our lives as individuals… is it worth it?

Nothing is as valuable as time, a time that is being wasted not pursuing your dreams or goals, but filling in a job in the endless ocean of society.

I am not asking you to quit your job! I don’t want you to hastily and recklessly change the financial state of your life without thinking it through.



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