The Rule of the Air Balloon. Lose Everything You Don’t Need...!!!

3 months ago

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One of the side effects of life at large is the fact that we make a whole lot of acquaintances and there are just too many things that require our attention.

Too many skills, too much things to do, too many people to attend to, too much weight to bear…
The nature of attention indicates that in order to achieve it, you need to lose sight of some things and make sacrifices along the way.

This is the rule of the hot air balloon!


If you wish to soar high in the sky, you need to think about the weight you carry with yourself in this life.

'Have you ever heard the word ‘emotional baggage’?

All our fears, doubts, insecurities, unpleasant past experiences, and different memories contribute to our emotional baggage; a rather difficult weight to bear.

But it’s not just the emotional baggage that we should be worried about. I have another definition of the word: ‘practical baggage’!

All the things we have to worry about on a daily basis, the circumstances of our mundane everyday life, and our social obligations all gives us practical baggage.

This is your life at large; carrying all these weights wherever you go.

The rule of the hot air balloon indicates that those who wish to become successful or achieve anything significant in their lives need to throw away the excess.

When you get rid of the excess weight, you can soar higher in the sky of accomplishment and fulfillment… just like an air balloon.

Get rid of everything that you won’t require in the path to achieving your goals and realizing your visions!

Get rid of your emotional and practical baggage as much as you can.

Understand that all the weight you are carrying is only going to slow you down.

Understand the waste that you are going through as you carry them every day.

Size control of your day, your emotions, and your incentives by getting rid of the weight that you have been carrying for no reason whatsoever.

Let go of your toxic relationships. Let go of your obligatory but foolish chores. Let go of your destructive habits or tendencies.

The rule of the air balloon applies to each and every one of our lives.

The degree on which you take care of the excess weight determines the amount of success that you are going to accomplish in the future!



Thanks All of You!!!!

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