Funan Center

9 months ago

Funan Center was a IT mall specializing in computers, and all IT related products and gadgets. Recently, it underwent a major renovation, and has now reopened. However, it is not an IT mall anymore. It has rebranded itself as a lifestyle mall. Gone were the IT shops. Well, there are still a few small shops selling computers, and IT related product. But gone was the IT flagship shop occupying three floors. In its place are eateries – cafes and restaurants, shops and more shops.

However, for some reason, they have this rooftop attraction. It is quite a big place too, and it offers a skyline view of the surrounding area. Here are some pictures I took on my visit.

Some benches for you to relax in.

View 1.jpg

I was in time to catch some the sunset. Unfortunately, it was rather cloudy in this part of the sky.
Sun 1.jpg

Sun 4.jpg

Sun 5.jpg

view 5.jpg

View 2.jpg

view 4.jpg

view 3.jpg

nv 1.jpg

nv 3.jpg

Lamps hanging from a tree.

The mall was very busy. Maybe, because it was a Friday, and also because it is newly open. I won't be in a rush to be go back, unless friends want to go there for a meal.


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I think I went there once. Things change all the time places one knew yesterday are gone tomorrow.


I wouldn't be surprised if you had. I said they underwent a major renovation - that was a wrong choice of words, it should be they underwent a redevelopment. They took down the whole building, and rebuilt it.

Nice post


Thank you.