Plant is an essential element of life.

last month

I have planted a new plant at my house. Sunday is a day off. A new plant will be set up. I'm talking about Lady Pam. Can be made from one plant which can make many plants. It can be easily planted. This plant can be removed from another. Two parts of a plant can do. And it can grow out of your plants. Together they grow in other plants. This plant takes eight months. And this plant may require good soil. The soil should be good while planting. Those that can plant your plants and need to take care of time.

Plants are an important part of our life. But very few people know. That the plant has special significance. Trees are made from plants. It gives us happiness and prosperity. In today's time, you can make your home beautiful by planting small plants instead of trees. You can also get fruits in them. You can plant your plants in the east direction of the house. These plants keep the air pure. It enhances the beauty of your home.


Small plants should be planted in the north or east direction. Keep in mind that the open space should remain in the northeast. In this, take care of your tall trees in the garden / house, plant in the south or south-west direction. When applying them, keep in mind that they should be kept sufficient distance from the construction of the house. And always I need to take some care of it, plant my plants. I give water on time. And I keep digging and digging. Just a few days ago I have added cow dung to it.

In the coming times, only pollution will be pollution. In which we will not get the right air to breathe. And we can find it in many diseases. Make it from today. We will plant more plants.

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