A Letter Of Introduction For @ambiguity! Vote For Me As A Witness.

2 years ago

Hello Everyone! Not much happening around the homestead the last week or so. We have had some cold and rainy weather. The last storm was a rough one here, had some tornados hit in the area and had some homes destroyed and even some fatalities. I believe they said they were F4 tornados. We did not get hit here but not far from us got hit pretty hard and in Alabama, they got hard. The weather is just being crazy right now.

To top it all of I am sick and have been for the last couple of days and have not felt like doing much but we got good news here for the Weku platform. We are getting witnesses for the Weku platform. This is a push in the right direction and soon Weku will be tradable. Two good pieces of information and it lets you know this platform is growing. 

The reason for this post is that I am a witness on the Weku platform, so for those that do not know me I wanted to introduce myself to everyone and let everyone know who I am. 

Yeah, So this is me, I am Mike! A homesteader building from raw land and doing it all debt-free and thinking outside the box. We will be building AirCrete domes, tired of living in a box, as soon as spring shows up we will be making molds and mixing AirCrete and pouring molds. There will be photos and pictures and some other stuff about it as we go along, I want people to step out of their comfort zone and try something new and maybe learn something while doing it. I am a disabled veteran and a little rough around the edges, ok, so a lot rough around the edges. So this is who I am and what we are doing. I am also the founder of the community Weku-Create. With the @weku-create account, I have tried to help quality content creators grow for the last few months and many of you have grown and it is good to see that. I also use the @ambiguity channel to do the same thing and it has been a fun few months. 


Just got my witness up and running today and I hope many of you will go and give me an upvote for a witness. There are some good things happening now and there will be more good things in store for the Weku platform. 

There are some other good witnesses on this platform so while you are there drop a vote for them too. If do not know how to vote for a witness, just go to the three lines beside you icon picture in the top right of the screen and click on it a dropdown will appear and look for the tab marked "Vote For Witnesses" It will take you to where you can vote. here is a link that will also help! https://main.weku.io/~witnesses Thanks and I hope everyone has a great night/day, whatever it is in your neck of the woods! 


Vote for Ambiguity as a witness on the Weku Platform!

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Awesome about your witness!
I have voted fro you and LOVE how active you are within the Weku community and your commitment to this platform!


I try to stay active on the platform, real life is the priority but a lot gets done at night. Thanks for the witness vote and the vote of confidence.

Voted for you, Mike. Good to have you in the Witness family!


Thanks! Good to see this platform improving every day.


It is getting better daily. The past two weeks have been good ones!


Yes, it has been good and will be better in the coming weeks. Always Forward!


Thanks for all the things you have contributed to Weku, Mike.

9 is my favorite number, so you have my vote for sure, but not because of the number! You have done an amazing work and helped a lot of users, so, I think that the number 9 will change soon!
All the best!


Thanks! The goal of this platform was to reward quality content creators and I have tried with many others to make that happen.

Done. Thanks for all that you do for WeKu!


Thank You!

Thanks for providing that link. Made things so easy. Good Luck!!! I think you will make a very good witness.


I try to make it easy for everyone to vote for not only me as a witness but the other great people that are also witnesses on this platform. Thanks!

Curation support for whitelisted user - WE ARE WEKU 🧡


Curation support for whitelisted user - WE ARE WEKU 🧡

Congratulations my friend!!

Just voted for you!


Your post has been featured in Qurator's Daily Qweku #152

Thanks for being a part of the Qweku community,
Have a lovely day! :)