The gateway is open | Attacks and difamation will not be tolerated

last year

Some people do not understand offer and demand, some others think they are entitled to free hand outs

Some others are just too stupid and start calling wolf and launching accusations.

Let us be clear:

WEKU is worthless

There is no real price, and yet we choose the best exchange rate (Price in BitShares) to avoid the impact of the lack of monetary policy this platform has.

Yesterday we were called dishonest because @lat-lat does not understand that the price spread is too big because

NO ONE wants to buy WEKU because no one trusts this platform

We invite you to contact us in our discord if you think there is a mistake in our price calculations

We will be happy to refund you if you send back the funds the bot sent you
just transfer to @banca with the memo: loading funds an ask us in our discord.

Next memo we receive with false accusations or any user spreading false accussations or difamating us will be put in an autoflagger bot.


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Someone bought 400,000 coins a few days ago, so a niche has formed in the market, everyone carefully monitors the development of trading. The niche will gradually disappear and there will be no gap, while the market rate has crawled up


who cares?

the exchange bots reflect the actual current price and this post is about the memo transfers @lat-lat sent to @banca after exchanging 5 steem....

next one will be flags and spam bots



we replied in your other comment

what is the exchange rate now. Can anyone tell me?


Check the price WEKU / BTS and the price BTS / STEEM... it will give you an idea....

So for 1000 weku you get 15.2 BTS

Now we convert 15.2 BTS to steem:

So you get 3.03 STEEM for 15.2 BTS (or 1000 WEKU)

Then deduct our 25% fee:

3.03 *.75 = 2.27 STEEM per 1000 WEKU...

there is the exchange rate...

If there was volume... i will create a bot for it.

anyway, also take in consideration that we are freely upvoting comments and posts of people using our services to give back some of the feee we are taking as we consider WEKU should be paying for it and not the users.