Phillip the Faun [Digital Painting] English/Spanish Post

last year

faun philip done1.jpg

A faun playing a flute in a colorful imaginative world where everything is possible. Fauns are mythological creatures that have a very musical spirit. They are half woman/man and half goat with little tails. They are very special to those who love mythology and identify with them.


Un fauno soplando una flauta de madera en un mundo imaginativo y muy colorido.
Los faunos son criaturas mitologicas con un espiritu muy musical. Son mitad mujer/hombre y mitad cabra con rabos chiquitos. Estas criaturas son muy especiales para los amantes de la mitologia y para todos aquellos que as identifican con ellos.

This painting was made in a Motion Computing Tablet PC using Manga Studio Ex.

Thank you for stopping by.


faun philip sketch.jpg


faun philip ink.jpg

Flat Colors

faun philip flat colors.jpg


faun philip done1.jpg

Animated Process


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