Snowboarding! [Mut@nts] Comic Strip

last year


Nothing like snowboarding in this winter weather. The snowy days are here to stay and the cold temperatures are bashing us bad.

Here we have Slimy snowboarding in those awesome snow capped mountains in a freestyle jump just for fun.

Get the hot cocoa going to warm your soul while you enjoy this beautiful season of winter games from the comfy of your living room or outdoors as an adventurous person.

Thank you for stopping by.


snow boARDING sketch.jpg


snow boARDING ink.jpg

Flat Colors

snow boARDING flat colors.jpg


snow boARDING done.jpg

Comic Strip


Animated Process


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Great job. well done...


Thank very much!

Love these cartoons.



Thank youvery much!@coquiunlimited


Thank you very much! @recan