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2 years ago

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A man behind Friendsgroup

Dear Weku-official team and Weku community,

My name is Mr. M and I am 38 years old. About 6 months ago, I have joined in the Weku community. Since I am here, i have invested my private money to buy tokens and invited my friends to Weku. We have a group on Steem and i invited all my community members here. I used to buy tokens from private users on Weku but after the Weku tokens persale, I decided to support tokens from the Weku official because I want to see Weku become a successfully platform.

Though my own investment, I powered up my Weku account to support Weku community members with my curation, my current WP is 40k WP. I don’t scam or doing any illegal activities and I disagree to this behaviour.

I came originally from Thailand but moved to Austria sometimes ago and start a family business with my sister here. My sister @siamcat (Cat) is part of the Weku Team. I am so happy that I suggest her to come to Steem and Weku. She is an honest and hard working person, a true believer. She plays an important role in the Weku community and have some important position at Steem community too.

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My Weku community account:
My Weku private account:
My Steem account name:

My private account is inactive and I use my community account to post. I am mostly working at the background to support Weku community and part of the #Whitelist curator team since 4 months.

It took me a long time to make a decision, as my sister invited me to join the Weku witness team. I did not want people to think in the negative way because we are family. However, I am contributing my private investment to support Weku community ever since and I will continue my support to Weku, these are independent from being a witness team.

I am a block-producer on another blockchain and have experience in this area including basic PHP skill.

Currently I am moving Bangkok, my wife and kids did not want to live in Vienna so we went back to Thailand. I am a family man and did not really like to be on public.

My Friendsgroup discord was created 8 months ago and we are only a private group until now. As a witness of Weku, I will open my discord for the community support.

Friendsgroup Discord:

We don’t know the future but I am promise to do what i can to support Weku community.

Your sincerely,

Vote for us as a witness:

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This real ID has been sent to Weku's CEO along with my introduction e-mail.

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Thanks you so much sir,many people can't trust weku, thanks for your information



Thank you

Perjuangkan teman semoga apa yang di inginkan berhasil dan megah seperti media lainnya...

Terima kasih, @friendsgroup, @siamcat


Thank you


Sama-sama, perjuangkan

Congratulations, friend @friendsgroup!!To take WEKU to the top!
You have my vote!!


We will, thanks

@friendsgroup delighted to meet you dear friend. congratulations on this important decision. how much with all my support and my vote
I wish you a lot of success


Thank you

Vote! We Are Weku !

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Welcome Brother


thanks Brother

tebrik ederim, başarılı olacağına inanıyorum🌼


Thank you

You have my vote and support! Congratulations !


Thank you

Please add this link to your post too:

Welcome on board, you always have my vote 🧡


thanks, done ✔︎

Welcome to the team!!
You have my vote!!
'We are Weku' 💖


Thank you, we are Weku

You have my Vote sir! We Are Weku !


Thanks friend

Many of my Thai friends that have lived and worked in the USA always end up going back to Thailand eventually. I think that says something about the country and the culture. I have been to Thailand three times and would live there also if I could. Glad to have you as a witness on weku.


Thank you. I will do my best

We are Weku .


We are Weku

Greetings, @friendsgroup.
I wish you much success in this undertaken route. I am grateful for your support.
I already voted for you and your sister @siamcat, who has also been splendid to me.


thank you very much, yes she is :)

Your work is very good WE ARE WEKU


We are Weku

We are weku 💓


Thank you, We are Weku

Just now voted for you in witness page.. Best luck :)