Gynoid Illuminated - animated & tokenized Cryptoart

9 months ago
in art

There are poisons that blind you, and poisons that open your eyes.
-- August Strindberg

Gynoid Illuminated is a combination of my painting Gynoid IV and its 3D-rendered reference which I animated with an orbiting light source. I used this concept for some of my early pieces of the Gynoid/Android series. This series is about causality which I see as opposed to creativity. I see androids (and every kind of AI automatons) as entities of causality. A causal system will always be derivative from its previous state, it will never take a pure (creative) decision but rather react on if/then basis. We humans, however, have the capacity of creative decisions, decisions beyond cause and effect. We can be free of causality on many levels. Unfortunately most people fear decisions (freedom) and consequently they chose to devote themselves to some sort of authority. The distillate of this slave mentality is organized religions and centralized governments, the worst sorts of organized crime organizations.

GYNOID ILLUMINATED and more is now live at MakersPlace.

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