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2 years ago

Hello good morning, afternoon or evening have you.

After having some free time I have given myself the time to create this small interface that allows you to vote any publication that you introduce.

That's how it looks:
Screenshot from 2019-04-22 02-29-51.png

This is how you look when you vote.

Screenshot from 2019-04-22 02-41-04.png

This looks like when you have already voted for a publication.

Screenshot from 2019-04-22 02-36-44.png

How does it work:
Go to my github and download the following html, once downloaded open the file with your favorite browser.

Complete the fields that are asked in the interface and start voting for your favorite publications.

P. D: I know that maybe this little interface is useless. I make this type of scripts to teach you how to use steemjs and maybe this type of scripts can help you in your future application.

Nothing more to say ... I invite you to vote for me at: https://deals.weku.io/~witnesses

Thank you.

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Understand the different keys and their levels of access to protect your funds and your account.

Nada es inútil amigo! todo aporte puede ser el punto de partida para algo más grande!
Saludos @hadrien.rivere


Gracias bro!!

Great work @hadrien.rivere .Thank


thanks you

Its very useful for us..!


thanks for the good vibes!!

Curation support


thanks you

this is Nice work @hadrien.rivere
it will really helpful my friend..
thank you..

That's great sir.

Why do you request the active key for voting?

Private posting key for Voting and Posting.

Active key for wallet access and transfers.

By asking users for their active key you are putting them at risk of exposing their wallet.

The granularity of keys is meant to protect users and that is why the wallet and blogging operations require different keys.


have you tried the code?

The active password also works to vote. It does not matter which one you use.

We are not putting anyone at risk. We do not save or show the password.

sometimes I feel that you exalt everything foolishly.



You can also vote with the master owner key.
That does not mean it is right.

Users barely understand the different key functions and if respected programmers or members of the community encourage them to use higher level keys for basic operations, they are just adding to the problem.

You need to think responsibly as a programmer.

Ask users how many know the difference between the P5 and the PPK...

How many accounts have been stolen in steemit until they finally started educating users?

Hello, I understand that this tool is yours, is that true? Do you know when it will work again?
http://wekunow.com/ @hadrien.rivere


is online again.


Thanks :)