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10 months ago

Hello, this time I'm coming with a new post and it's about a new proposal that I've put in this year, which is to make drawings more often throughout the year, since I had stopped doing it for a lot of the 2018 and that this new year I want to take again, it will be like a kind of "Diary / Sketchbook" about all the drawings that I am making throughout the year and I would like to share it here in this wonderful platform.

Original of @heyjess, date 04/23/2019


This time I took "Troye Sivan", which is one of my favorite artists and as usual, I had to do it in the style of Jesber Chavez. I started doing the sketch, to then work with the shadows throughout the drawing.

I must say that it was a job which did not take me long, compared to others. Both the sketch and the final work I did very fast, practice it guys ... practice.

I love the way I am giving this new style of drawing, I feel it is the style I had always wanted to do, because it took me a long time to get to do jobs like these and it is now that I'm seeing green work from "Jesber Cahvez".


Original of @heyjess | 04/23/2019


Troye Sivan

Thank you for entering the post, remember to continue my work throughout the year.

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