My little introduction as a witness. Please support me.

2 years ago


Hello friends many already know me I am a member of the busters team and founder of the team-venezuela community I am currently releasing myself as a witness and I need your support to become a witness.

Personal data

identity card

I am from Venezuela I am 36 years old I live in the state yaracuy a state that lives from agriculture and trade I am currently married to my beautiful wife Ruzmaira de Gonzalez I have 1 children of 6 years plus one who is already on the way currently I comenciarte I have my own business selling vegetables but I have free time to devote to weku and the community every day.

My responsibility as a witness

Desde el principio de weku me uní como moderador de la plataforma dando el 100% todos los días hasta hace 2 meses que me enfermé de epicondilitis del codo derecho que me alejo de las escrituras pero ya estoy de vuelta después de una operación en el codo.

My goal as a witness is to make a better weku, support the Latin and non-Latin talent as I have been doing for the last 4 months, continue helping and supporting the busters team to keep the platform clean of scammers and spammer, I will a course programming to help in some near future to develop some applications for weku, I have many letter on the table at the moment I am focused with the team-venezuela project, if you have any questions you can contact me by discord.


Excuse me for my short introduction witness and soon I will do more form.

If you want to support me as a witness CLICK HERE vote where it says @joelgonz1982

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sabes que me tienes
mucha suerte amigo

Tienes todo mi apoyo! Eres una de las personas mas dedicadas y trabajadora a Weku. He visto tu trabajo y empeño, dedicado siempre. Aclarando dudas, siendo cordial. Es un gran placer ver un tan buen representante de la comunidad venezolana en Weku!.

Hola @joelgonz1982, me alegra saber que tenemos representación hispana. Ya voy a darte mi apoyo como witness. ¡Feliz día! :)

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We Are Weku ! 🧡

Congrats brother @joelgonz1982!! I know you've worked very hard to keep WEKU free from abuse! I'm glad for you!

Congratulations my friend @joelgonz1982!!
You have my vote!! 'We are Weku' 💖


thanks.. :)

Curation support for whitelisted user - WE ARE WEKU 🧡

Curation support for whitelisted user - WE ARE WEKU 🧡

A guy who was very busy and working hard to curate content and support other people on Weku. This is how, I remember you. I met you on Weku Discord server.

You're doing a great job. I support you. Keep up the great work! :)

tebrik ederim ve başarılar dilerim
we are weku🌼

You have my vote, very soon will be a witness.

Curation support for witness

Congratulations @joelgonz1982
Têm meu apoio também !
Votado agora
Sucesso !

@joelgonz1982 kamu seorang pekerja keras yang luar biasa,,saya sangat mendengar nya...salam sukses kawan.

Nice to see you again.
I was waiting for your post, i have seen all witnesses posts, but i will vote for you in next month.Because now i have no internet connection properly.

You have my vote!

El Carnet de la patria no es un documento de identidad. ¿No te das vergüenza mostrar eso?


la cartera me la robaron gracias al apagon alli iba mi cedula, tengo que mostrar una indentificacion para ser testigo no sabia que mas colocar.
De todos modo igual ese carnet pronto no sera de mucha ayuda.
Por cierto no soy chavista ni madurista me sabe igual ambos mando yo no soy ni opositor ni oficialista ninguno de ellos no me dan para comer, tengo que joderme para mantener a mi familia.


Así es amigo, discúlpame si te ofendió mí comentario pero en estos momentos cualquier cosa relacionada con estos asesinos me exaspera los ánimos. Ya te dejé mí voto y apoyo. Suerte!

Congratulation @joelgonz1982
supported you as witness my friend..