Contest | The values and principles that inspire Mazinga

2 years ago

The name of our group is taken from a known anime from the 70's that was pillar to the mecha genre.

However those old enough to have seen it or those geek enough to have seen the 2017 make over would have understood the deep message.

Source: Mazinger Z Infinity 2017

We don't think the WEKU community has yet fully grasped the aim and the philosophy of Mazinga.

This is why we are launching this contest, we would like you to research and if possible watch the original anime, and produce an essay about the meaning and values of the God Demon robot (Ma-Jin-Go) and especially we want you comparing that to what our group has shown as our aim to do with and for Weku.

The best article will receive our massive vote, and the winner will enter the @mazinga celebrity sponsor blog program.

(MCSP: up to 21% vote as long as the community is voting you and you keep bringing up the good content)
There might be more than one winner

What to do to enter?

In your language!

  • Please avoid broken english, write it in you language

Team / community work!

  • Find a good person to translate it for you in a comment in your own post (we will vote the translation as a reward if his/her translation is not broken english)


  • Comment below with a link to your entry.
  • Share this post.
  • Vote and reply to all comments generated in your entry post.

We have noticed some preoccupation about Mazinga curation BOT

People associates bots with spam bots and vote selling bots.

Mazinga uses BOT technology to optimize the use of the Voting power, and uses primitive A.I to identify what curators are voting.

That way we always vote at maximum power, instead of voting like many manual curators do 4 or 5 times one after the other thus depleting their VP and giving a vote of less value.

Now back to the contest!

Make your best effort to win our celebrity sponsorship!
You have until the end of the month to submit your entry.

Share this post let others now...

More than an exercise to earn money this is a community exercise to understand our actions.

truly yours, Koji

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Thanks for your entry, you missed a few points we are asking for the contest, we invite you to develop it more after fully reading and understanding the basis of the contest, we do not look for praise, we look for user understanding us.

Also get someone to make you a translation in a comment in your post (that is the team work part)


If I missed some basic points of this contest, then I would analyze the points outside of the contest, thanks for being read to the contents of my blog, so I get the correction from @mazinga to the future I can improve

Good evening friend @mazinga! I leave my entry to the contest in Spanish (my language) and below I made the translation into English with the Google translator.


Mazinger Z during its time
represented the advanced technology
of those now named transformers.
Mazinger Z, defender of the earth and humanity.
Mazinger Z, like was created to oppose and correct
the vices in the system corrupted by its users.
Will Weku be able to triumph over its predecessor
or does might make right?


We think that if you develop this comment in to an entry you are in the right path
Ma Jin GO

This is a very extraordinary contest, I will participate in this contest before it ends and will study the contents of the contest in question, I will also share this post so that the community members I lead get this important information, I have also shared this post into the WhatsApp group so they can get information faster.


@mazinga Good afternoon dear friends, Excellent contest. A great idea to see how much we understood, the mission and the objectives proposed by you and the entire team of investors.
This is my entry to accompany this slogan
I wish everyone a great day

Saya sangat menghargai pemikiran anda yang sangat cemerlang dan ber kualitas , semoga bemamfaat untuk kita semua, salam

میری زبان اردو ہے ۔ میں اپنی زبان میں اس بارے لکھونگا ۔ آپ نے بہت اچھا کام شروع کیا ہے
ہم سب آپ کے ساتھ ہیں۔

Your contest today is amazing @mazinga

Saya sangat senang anda berada disini dan terimakasih atas banyak informasi...dan kami selalu ada di belakang anda sahabat ku....
Salam damai dan cinta...

Nice contest @mazinga
i have reweku so more ppl should know about this contest.

Let's enliven this contest by looking at all the rules that have been determined ... amazing contest @mazinga

Hi @mazinga,

I like the idea to push quality post to more readers and you might like my little story from traveling in Egypt. It is a short read, brings some ideas and even a bit value to the reader and it just happen to me this week.


Nice post, totally off topic in our comment section, borderline abusive advertising.
But well written, a shame you seem to have posted on steemit first and no backlink or any indication of cross posting.

We privilege posts posted in Weku first and might consider crossposts if they have the backlink.


Hi @mazinga,

First a sorry, as I misunderstood your contest. Thought you look for nice content at all.

And a big thank you for your comment and perfect analysis.

I‘m active on steem since a long time and with different activities.

As Weku is new, still in progress, not yet a trading token and with much less reach - I mainly post on steem first and repost some interesting article with some changes to weku.

Let me understand how your support might change this and I love to post first on weku.

One thing I learned is that I will add a link to the first post, even to steem or maybe next time to weku.


Not to the first post, to the copy post.

What happens when you post the same on the different site and you dont put a back-link to the site were you posted first is that the second site gets penalized by the search engines.

The best for the search engines is the site which has the original content.
Then the site which has a copy of the content with a back-link to the original
then like you are doing for search engines weku is a plagiarizing steem.

We will not support people cross posting without back links, (In steemit cheetah requests politely and if you refuse they put you in the comment spam blacklist)

And we are identifying those who believe in weku as their main blog and posting first in Weku systematically and waiting 12 to 24 hours to cross post to support them higher.

Each author is free to do ask they wish according to our view, we are identifying the authors that are committed and are bringing value from the mass of people just farming posts across all platforms.


Sure, the first post on weku is the Original post and any other one should have a link to this original version to make clear it is a copy or even an extended version.

I like it a lot, that you put the quality so high on weku and I will support this.

Beneath this I love to see the same quality in development on transparency on weku.

For my understanding, we are a great community but still not yet decentralized as some people have the control.

This is IMHO nothing negative as we can start way better than mothership Steemit does, as we all learned from their failure. But the final result should be decentralized.


Distributed decentralization is the way to go.
But to decentralize first some level of centralization is needed to setup the ground work and the path.

The mothership took 3 years to understand that, they had to make some terrible stunts to save the platform several times (HF9 when steemit self voted 17 witnesses to disable 1000s of stolen accounts including the owners Ned and Dan)

Irresponsible programmers releasing bidbot code, the break of the SBD peg...

The abuses of steemcleaners

Steemit is an example that without a clear vision and letting anarchy run its path the humans are not ready to self regulate.

The bad actors also are coming to weku with 3 years of experience to exploit the blockchain weaknesses


Fully agree and I love to see that Weku is going a better and more safe way for me as a content creator.

I will have a read to the @mazinga story and come back with a post about this, as I really appreciate that idea.

At the mothership I run a challenge since nearly 100 weeks, where I motivate people to write valuable content with some clear rules on the min. amount of pictures and text and I might move this as well to weku.

Finally I cross my fingers that weku reach the goals.

Hi, just let you know you're honorable mentioned in my moderator report Catwomanteresa Digest#111.
Please drop by to check out all the rest of today's great posts.

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Excellent post have a awesome day👌

The contest was very extraordinary and very interesting, thank #mazinga