Weku Promotion Meet-Up Activity at a Coffee Shop with the Indonesian Ambassador

last year


Good morning, my best friend, wherever you are...!

a few days before the promoter team had planned to do a prmo weku Meet-up, in this activity directly sponsored or directed by the ambassador of Indonesia @hamidi103.

In this event the Meet-Up Weku promo was attended by all team members who were members of the Indonesian promoter team.

  1. @tailah
  2. @musdezal
  3. @marwan1
  4. @aboemul
  5. @bomba
  6. @fakriadi
  7. @mukhsin
  8. @safwadi
  9. @hattaarshavin
  10. @nawar84


Thank you Indonesian Ambassador @hamidi103


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Bereh that👍

Good work my dear

Seperti yang kita harapkan acara ini berjalan dengan lancar