This time it is me for real!

2 years ago

A few days ago I started speaking with @siamcat about some bots weku needed and other stuff, she told me about the problem they had with account creation and users abusing it to farm the WEKU rewards pool.


I checked... and guess what!... Someone had created and account under my name (@nnarvaez) and was copying my Whaleshares posts :(

So this time it is me for realz!

The horribly annoying user known as nnarvaez... All geeky, who loves motorbikes, used to own a restaurant, is a chef... But wait... You all know that because my copycat already copy pasted that from my introduce my self on the other platform.

Venezuelan, living in France, recently divorced, with a bad temper and a huge hearth (or so they say, especially my cardiologist)

I am a geek to the bone, love making tools and little python bots to interact with the blockchain.

Lets just say that it is me once again, i have found WEKU and weku team and I think this blockchain has a brilliant future is we all work together and do our best to keep this community growing.

I am very exited as I have been in discussions with all the team and they have made me feel welcome and at home, also i am exited as in here geeks are highly appreciated and have been pestering my geek friends to try and join.

Triple N Narvaez Reporting for duty!

I will be posting my bad but original content here first to give it a try and see if it has better reception than in steemit where it gets lost and forgotten in the river of posts about how you played drugwars...

May god protect Weku from such dApps arriving!

Would the gods be giving us everything we asked for?

Hey if you like my sarcasm and cynicism show your love so i give you more! (I don't really like writing, but i love writing... i mean it is just so slow... ) Sorry the Aspie took over... Yes that was something i didn't mention in the past (because i did not knew about it), I'm a high social, low relational Aspie, I unwillingly offend sometimes, believe me I just don't realize.

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I'm very grateful you are now part of the Weku Team.
God bless you as you help build Weku into the best in the world!!

Welcome Nathan!

Love your introduction post ❤️
That little cutie is your son ? he is really sweet.

Sorry about your ID which has stolen by someone and this is one of the issue we had in the past...nowadays, we have a team to check the stolen ID and handle fast.

We are happy to have you here with us.


Welcome... Batman!

Welcome friend!

Welcome to Weku.


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'We are Weku'
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Bienvenido paisano. Como siempre, dejando bien en alto el Tricolor patrio.