aQuest is a decentralized application that pays you with money.

2 years ago

Today I will be presenting a new project about decentralized applications that is very unique, and which implies interesting features and of course gifts for its users. That is, for carrying out certain tasks, you will pay money.

This application is called aQuest and with that you can also create a strong marketing company that implies rewards. There are two sides to the coin. For example, you are an ordinary user and do tasks for money, or you, as a company representative, develop your brand, make it known and popular.

aQuest is a unique decentralized application that pays you to complete certain tasks. Simple like that. aQuest has also offered its makers the ability to create marketing campaigns that focus on rewarding participants. Participants for a search are required to complete the task in order to be eligible for prize payments at the end of the search. Tasks are digitally verified actions that users must complete in order to successfully participate in searches (Example: Surveys, Facebook Likes).

By using this application, you can create unique searches that can be done by anyone, from anywhere in the world. All searches are integrated with the application itself and create collections for users. Thus, you can even increase your audience for any purpose, for example, to interact with your brand.

Appendix aQuest helps people to be able to make searches with innovative and intuitive cloud-based tools. These tools are available from all devices. therefore, to be able to manage and conduct simple searches can also be done from anywhere. All searches are integrated with the Enkronos application and help create user groups.

Quests are a great way to help create groups of users in the Enkronos application, while your user collection is being created, you can attract the same users to other applications that aim to increase user interaction with your brand.

Naturally, this application uses smart contracts that can set up system tokens. Here the work is transparent and safe. Anyone can join this application, and without any restrictions, even without going through KYC procedures.

In the future, this project will integrate with payment systems such as PayPal, as well as with a number of credit cards and other digital currencies.

This application can be used by the following categories:

  • the creators of ICO;
  • financial services sector;
  • Blockchain-sector;
  • pharmaceutical company;
  • retail representatives;
  • famous brand.

For completing quests with the help of Aquest, each client will receive a reward in the form of internal coins of the platform or tokens specified by the creators of tasks.

Among the main tasks that can be presented within the application Aquest, should be highlighted:

  • completing the survey;
  • visiting a specific link;
  • repost entries in social networks;
  • subscribe to a group or channel;
  • application installation;
  • search for objects in augmented reality.

The most important part of the aQuest platform is how AQU tokens can be used to create currency circulation and create a mechanism of supply and demand. AQU will be used on the Crowdholding platform, but in the future they will not be limited to the platform.

The AQU Token will be a token that can be used on the aQuest platform. This token will be a token on the Ethereum blockchain, following the standard ERC20 token. For the actual implementation of tokens, AQU Enkronos has developed a smart contract that will be publicly available on Github before the Tokensale phase begins. There will be no changes in the contract, so that interested parties can fully trust AQU tokens.

Token info

Token AQU
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20

PreICO price 1 AQU = 0.003 ETH
Price in ICO 1 AQU = 0.006 ETH


Private Sale: 50%
Pre Sale: 30%
Tokens for sale200,000,000

Investment info

Min. investment 0.1 ETH
Accepting ETH, BTC, ENK, Fiat
Distributed in ICO 36.11%

Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 39,000,000 USD

Token distribution






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