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Over the past 10 years, blockchain technology has moved from an unknown and mysterious field to a more or less interested environment, where the government and various large companies have begun to pay special attention. They began to dismantle this technology into its components and consider its use in the real world.

However, blockchain technology has not fully shaped its strategic value, because the only purpose of its creation in 2008 was the idea of ​​anarcho-capitalists. That is, at the intersection of the global crisis, the blockchain has acted as a new financial system, ready to turn the current situation into a more transparent, secure and guaranteed structure.

As practice shows, many crypto fans have used blockchain and cryptocurrency as speculative activities and few people care about the technology itself, development and further application in the public masses. Because there are no conditions that must be needed to implement the total. However, the technology has been made, which has no application that is useless to anyone. To avoid this, many experts have tried to develop a large number of projects, each of which has applied this technology in certain business sectors. Someone can do it, and someone who fails and complains about the technology itself.

About Erecoin

Additive manufacturing, or commonly called 3D manufacturing, is becoming increasingly important in the industry today. Especially in making prototypes, for components with very high levels of individualization or components with very complicated geometry, this production method is used. But also in the production of final products, from the extent to which additive manufacturing is used will grow.

Advantage Erecoin

Perhaps the most important advantage of the Erecoin project is that this is the first decentralized solution that emerged in the world to solve all the problems that exist in the additive industry. The developer of this concept is very aware of all the growth and prospects of this direction. The world will never be the same, so you must be able to quickly and on time to offer priority direction for the development of every area of ​​our lives. It's basically ready to make people from Erecoin.

Erecoin's mission is to make the increasingly complex world safer. We want to build a more efficient, clear and uncomplicated transaction process to help build Additive Manufacturing as the main manufacturing method in the future. Thus, our Erecoin platform can overcome dependence on a rich economic and resource center and is a decentralized global accelerator and manufacturing. And from every company and individual regardless of their geographical location, they will be able to design, modify, buy and produce products using the Erecoin platform. Exchange of data and rules about data usage that will be integrated into the blockchain. The Erecoin platform is a decentralized blockchain solution that focuses on data transfer and exchange and digital 3D services.

Erecoin's feature

  • The user will eventually get ownership rights and will no longer be able to worry about discoveries, creations, or other individual objects;
  • Due to smart contracts and transparent blockchain network systems, end users will be able to calmly resolve all their technical legal issues in the world of additives;
  • Because of the many functions and services, participants from both parties will not only be able to build a trusting relationship, but also to bring ideas developed into finished products effectively and safely.

ICO details

Token ERE
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO price 1 ERE = 0.00035 ETH
Price in ICO 1 ERE = 0.0005 ETH

Investment info

Min. investment 150 ERE
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 60%

Soft cap 2,000,000 EUR
Hard cap 12,000,000 EUR



Q1 2018
Company founding and formation as engineering office

Q2 2018
Intensive market research and developing knowledge in the field of blockchain technology. Deep analysis of technical business cases for Additive Manufacturing in combination with blockchain technology. Understanding market needs and preparation of scenarios to implement using of blockchain in Additive Manufacturing.
Initial definition and sketching of the erecoin project with a clear vision about realization.

Q3 2018
Preparation of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and development of an initial network as a basis for the erecoin project. Introduction of erecoin project at potential Participants and building up a valid and professional Team.
Additive Manufacturing market research and adjustments of project definition. Initial work on whitepaper for publication. Coding and testing of valid and usable ERC20 token and start of the private sale.

Q4 2018
Private Sale: Presentation and pitching of erecoin project in Additive Manufacturing Companies.
Preparation of Smart Contract for Main Sale of ICO. Adjustments of erecoin project strategy and building up new partnering companies. Signing of cooperating contracts with Beamler B.V. and Additive Marking GmbH as alpha user of blockchain solution for Additive Manufacturing. Development of ICO Marketing strategy and Go Live of Marketing plan.
Validation of ERE Token on and successful testing of smart contract.

Q1 2019
Pre & Main ICO
Crowd Sale: Implementation of KYC and Adjustments of whitepaper for official sale via smart contract.

Q2 2019 - Q1 2020
Detailed Project Planning with cooperating companies and publishing of milestones and resources allocation for erecoin owners.
Team growth with development stuff and building up development infrastructure. Iterative development of the erecoin platform and integration of smart contract functions into the platform.
Launch of Minimum Valuable Product in 6 months after successful ICO.
Iterative implementation of functional requirements for additive manufacturing by blockchain solution.

Q2 2020
Test and integration of functional requirements in the erecoin platform and establishing of workflow processes through intensive product development. Building up strategic partnerships with Additive Manufacturing companies and 3D Design artists.

Q3 2020
Full functionality of the erecoin platform and establishment of ERE as a utility token. Finishing of product development and improve platform participants.
Listing of erecoin token on exchange platforms, by realization of minimal functionality of erecoin platform.

In summary, decide for yourself what the ERECOIN is for you. To get acquainted with this project in more detail, I will leave a useful link below. The author is not responsible for any actions taken by the reader after reading this article.

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