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2 years ago

Can you imagine a world where job candidates can only provide a set of records that can be verified with employers, which allows recruiters to easily access their work history? While this might sound like the premise of a new sci-fi film, blockchain technology is ready to forever revolutionize the way candidate data is sourced and managed in the recruitment industry.

Trends in industry not only affect recruitment organizations, but understanding trends in this industry can help recruit professionals in allocating resources effectively, staying competitive and continuing to succeed in filling out job openings.

Gooreo is a new stage created to be able to help newly graduated students find jobs that suit their specialties easily and then provide an opportunity for the owner of the organization to make skilled students or young alumni work by chance or all the time in their Organization.

The idea here is to simplify efforts in job search for new students and graduates, by changing their living conditions for the better. This arrangement also benefits company organizations because it minimizes and even eliminates high recruitment costs.

This platform can also help them to get the right talent needed for their specific tasks because the company will ultimately benefit.

The way the Gooreo Platform works is as follows:

  • Each replacement registers his own notes on the application and compiles an expert resume.
  • The company will distribute the calling application and compile the necessary capabilities and decide whether the activity is environment or on the web.
  • The letter will be specifically addressed to all students who conduct examinations in the same field and in the same country if the activities are local, to be applied to organizations seeking representation.
  • Applicants are recognized through similar sites and candidates can be recognized for long-term informal communication platforms, especially (LinkedIn).
  • After completion of work time is given to the successor obtaining authenticated authentication by the site and organization and giving him a good, average and phenomenal title.

Such a framework can also be extended to different records that require confirmation by an expert such as drug certificates, change of address, tax documents and position history. After this kind of data is stored inside the block, each HR agent that approaches the framework can and acknowledges this type of confirmation.

Benefits of GOOREO

Students will ensure that they have jobs in their specialties easily and obtain a certified certificate from the site and company after completing work to prove their experience.

With the Gooreo platform, business owners can get a lot of time and money and find young people to hire them in various fields easily.

With GOOREO's assistance, the community will benefit from its young insights and innovations and will save a lot of money in building opportunities for those who have just graduated.

We also introduce tokens known as OREO coins, which will be used by platform users to conduct labor related transactions. The use of blockchain technology in this case will ensure maximum security because data and records are shared by job seekers, and employing organizations cannot be compromised because they are subject to the anti-destructive nature of blockchain technology.

We have created a system that will improve the number of graduating students and their employers in the same way as eradicating inefficiencies, increasing security and significantly enhancing the user experience in the recruitment industry that exists today.

Token info

Token OREO
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO price 1 OREO = 0.006 USD
Price in ICO 0.0100 USD

50% on pre-sale on ICO.
First Week: 25%
Second Week: 20%
Third week: 15%
Fourth week: 10%

Tokens for sale 440,000,000

Investment info

Min. investment 0.5 ETH
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 50%
Soft cap 3,000 ETH
Hard cap 25,000 ETH


June 2018
Project idea and start up.

November  -  December 2018
Pre-ICO and ICO

February 2019
Development of the Core Platform and Testing alpha and beta version.

July  -  September 2019
Listing the coin on exchanges as much as we can.

Septemper 2018
Issuing the smart contract and writing whitepaper

January  - February 2019
Listing the Coin up to 3 Exchanges

May 2019
Release the platform


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