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Today's modern society has developed very rapidly and every time we start to surprise us with their discoveries repeatedly. People work, people come up with something new, something that is not before, or otherwise modify or improve the old one. In fact, this is not important, because the main incentives for development are still moving forward.

With the advent of cryptocurrency in our world, many things will begin to change, attitudes towards obsolete financial systems are beginning to change. The process of interaction between people in terms of their relationships and other business and financial relationships began to change. People start directly with each other to make contact, not including additional costs that previously existed before other parties and third parties. Now things are easier.


However, in addition to the positive aspects of the world of crypto-currency, he has not reached the maximum peak of his development, so he still has a number of shortcomings, where tens of thousands of specialists work every day. The first and perhaps one of the most common problems is the lack of digital currency infrastructure that will facilitate the rapid exchange and high quality of digital assets. Yes, many will now see that crypto currency exchange has become far more than a few years ago. Even so, they were not even able to cope with the huge burden caused by increasing demand. Simply put, they cannot cope with ever-increasing demand. But as you know this shouldn't be. A good exchange office must work quickly, efficiently, safely and at a minimal cost.

PrimeX is a global decentralization platform that uses new technology that seeks to combine cryptocurrency resources with banking activities to improve the quality of interactions between the two systems and they can work with each other directly with minimal Commission time and costs.

PrimeX has developed a platform using Blockchain technology, with work methods that can speed up all transactions quickly, minimize risk, increase high security, and not involve third parties. PrimeX has a clearly transparent development roadmap. All versions that we make will be fully up-to-date where customers can secure in a personal wallet or trade seamlessly on world exchanges. Our trade uses Blockchain technology to ensure all investors enjoy a safe and secure process on our shared platform. Our centralized platform eliminate third party binding to allow absolute transparent agreement between investors. We use the popular Node X11 algorithm that allows other developers to join us without worry.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to be able to create alternatives that can be easily accessed globally from modern banking, allowing you to save money, access it directly, and transact with it anywhere, in any currency including crypto using Prime Coin, Making digital wallets as a banking companion card solution , To deal with the future crisis that may occur in some countries allows you to exchange digital currencies with other countries' currencies so prices are stable and helping your economy become easier.

Our mission

  1. Creating a new ecosystem, where sellers and buyers can do transactions without third parties.
  2. To improve high security, exchange-based platforms that are usually often hacked by irresponsible parties, they steal merchant balances stored on the exchange, so we prioritize very high security, if the code uses the level of difficulty is very clear and only certain people can access it, so it is very unlikely the platform can be hacked.
  3. Trading costs are very small, this is usually a consideration among beginner traders, where they try to trade in cryptocurrency with small nominal and minimize losses that can be obtained, if these costs are charged the equivalent of a large nominal trader, is very unfair to them.
  4. The primeX platform is an exchange that includes two exchanges, namely in digital currency and Fiat, very easy for those who want to profit after trading on our exchanges. due to widespread converter fraud. The digital currency to Fiat Currency out there is not responsible. that is one solution and that is our mission to overcome this problem.

Benefits of PrimeX

Prime X Coin provides benefits to overcome financial problems that are declining, in the economy financial problems are one of the most important factors, coupled with the rapid development of technology in various parts of the world. Payments using digital currencies are one of the easy things, you can make payments anywhere by accessing them through the internet, which is facilitated by a blockchain network without third parties and also transparent.

Token info

Token PXC
Platform Blockchain
Type X11
Price in ICO 0.2000 USD
Tokens for sale 15,000,000

Investment information

Min. investment 100 USD
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC
Distributed in ICO 75%

Soft cap 4,000,000 USD
Hard cap 6,000,000 USD




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