Sessia is an online marketplace that offers its users an opportunity of becoming crypto currency investors

2 years ago

In the world there are various kinds of financial relationships that differ between people and between various organizations and projects. This relationship allows a large number of people around the world to function in harmony. As with the help of this financial scheme you can easily obtain different significant results. For example, there is a big difference between self financing and venture capital, but they are still united by a kind of financial flow directed in a certain direction.

I still can't imagine how people lived around 15/20 years ago, even though they had absolutely no cellphones, smartphones, and the Internet? In modern society today has become an integral part of our lives. With that for many people, of course they will be the biggest part of it. And it turns out that every day internet users spend an average of one to three hours of their lives checking your e-mail, chatting with your friends, seeing something interesting and more. For someone it is very much, and for someone, it is very little, the result here is one telephone and the whole social life with it will never be the same.

About the project

This project clearly greatly arouses my sincere interest, because tools, technology, excellence, and features can solve the above problems and bring new elements that can completely change the world of classical social networking. The project itself is a new social network, developed in conjunction with new modern technologies such as blockchain and cryptography. This network name is very simple and concise.

Sessia is a digital platform that has a role similar to social media. This platform was created by Narek Sirakanyan who holds the position of President of Sessia which facilitates the community to develop their business through the social media they make. Sessia has many facilities in it that are very complete and strongly support the promotion of various products to every user in the network. This digital platform not only positions itself as social media, but also as a means to support online buying and selling activities. People can easily access this platform through a website or application specifically for smart phone users. Whatever is needed, everything can be obtained on this platform. Users can carry out various transactions to buy any product because Sessia provides business media for various types of products.

Through Sessia social media, people not only benefit through business development but also get other benefits. Sessia targets each type of user to join on a platform, both from a team incorporated in the business or from individuals. Sessia social media is very friendly to use because it can be accessed easily and certainly will not confuse new users. For business people, Sessia is a model of the new international market currently in the form of social media and providing as much as possible and professional services. Each business group can provide a cash back promo to attract more users to spend their products.

In addition, Sessia also acts as an online store for business people because they can freely promote their products. From here, they will later get many consumers and customers who are important in empowering their business. For individual users, Sessia is not only used as social media but also as an online mall that provides various types of daily necessities. By shopping at Sessia, users get the opportunity to get cashback and each purchase will produce proof of payment that can be displayed on Sessia's social media accounts. Like social media in general, each user can provide comments for each proof of post payment and can give a "like" sign on each post that is considered to provide good product recommendations. Users can provide their comments and reviews about the products they have just received. This review will greatly help other users who need product references before shopping. By creating blockchain social media technology, Sessia is predicted to be able to attract millions of new users into its network because of the uniqueness of the facilities they offer.

New features such as sharing photos, videos, audio content, location, and even supporting business development functions. The use of social media to promote business is now crowded by many business people. This is supported by the fact that the high number of social media users makes this media a new type of market. Users who access many social media can now receive posts in the form of very diverse business promotions. The number of ads we meet today when accessing social media is the influence of the convenience provided by social media to business people. They use this media because they don't need to spend a lot of money to promote their products. They can advertise merchandise for 24 hours without restrictions and free. If they use media such as television, newspapers, magazines, radio, etc., they will definitely be charged a very high fee and the duration of the ad is also limited. That's why social media is a very potential field for business people to help them in promotional activities.

The advantages of this project

For business :

  • With a flexible loyalty program, businesses can manage the amount of money their customers will receive for purchases.
  • Businesses buy kicks and pay money back in kicks.
  • There are no other fees for this business.

For clients:

  • Clients receive money back from their purchases and bribes from the purchase of their friends.
  • Can also be converted to any currency anywhere in the world.
  • Clients can transfer kicks to each other, or they can use kicks to pay for purchases on the Sessia market either in full or in part.

The unique combination of these two functions will further develop digital trading market activities that will benefit every user. Social media is very flexible to use. Users can make transactions using fiat currency and have the opportunity to get cashback in the form of digital tokens made by Sessia, KICKS. In addition, each business owner company can communicate directly with clients through Sessia because this platform wants to eliminate the role of agents or third parties who are considered to provide distance and limit connectivity between business companies and clients. Therefore, through this social media platform, business people will be able to interact with clients without restrictions so that they can provide more affordable services.



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