VANM is a local search engine for products and services in real time

2 years ago

Today's virtual currency world has truly changed its attitude to investing in the early stages of project development. Recently, funding for project development has been linked to the implementation of a number of processes and audits. But today, most beginner companies will gather a large number of investors simply by publishing documentation, which describes the working principles and plans for the future.

And of course, for such a fundraising strategy it is most beneficial for startups, but significantly increases the level of risk for investors. Because the token management environment is not regulated, people who have invested their own funds in project development will not be able to return it if there is inappropriate management of funds.

About VANM

VANM is a very unique search engine for products and services that compares local ad requests and offers with nearby users via the Internet. Blockchain technology can also be used to distribute advertising revenue among its users. The VANM platform is a mobile application that can improve aspects such as: feedback, which focuses on the revenue algorithm. This mobile application is free for consumers, because inappropriate or illegal content will be banned on our VANM platform.

VANM is the first distributed system that can detect, launch and analyze an ad campaign from celebrities to social networks based on blockchain technology. Vanm can also conduct marketing activities between brands and blogs to reduce costs for all interested parties.

VANM has also created a healthy system where celebrities can easily access tools to create high-quality content, and advertisers have access to a wealth of information. More relevant and effective to be able to attract consumers to access the highly quality content they want.

VANM Ecosystem

Decentralization of advertising power will impose VANM core values:

• Allow reasonable expenses for local advertising to help start even small businesses with high exposure to potential customers.
• Provide everyone with access to unlimited P2P advertising networks. And increase market awareness for business models that are not formally advertised.
• Allows businesses to benefit from smart algorithms that can link the pattern of prospective customer purchases to their respective local tenders, while still respecting user privacy.
• Also can give customers full credit for their exposure to personalized advertising while maintaining user privacy and user data integrity.
• Return economic power to the city where you live.

The purpose of this project:

The aim of VANM is to create a simple and intuitive interface for transactions in digital currencies that do not require a deep and fundamental understanding of blockchain technology.

VANM tokens can also be used to simplify the purchase of advertising contracts in applications or direct trade in goods and services with companies that will use our VANM platform. Our VANM team also intends to reduce as much as possible delays in transactions. Company revenue will be generated by buying advertising contracts in the application. Fiat money can also be saved on the VANM platform and exchanged for tokens at no additional cost. The generated VANM tokens can also be used to purchase advertising contracts. On selling tokens as long as ico will be carried out using smart contracts that cannot be changed for the blockchain Ethereum. And the funds raised will be used to ensure the liquidity of the VANM company and will be invested exclusively in the development of the company's production system.

VANM tokens

VANM tokens can also be used to pay for goods and services. Advertisers can also place effective local ads at reasonable prices. By obtaining VANM tokens as a payment tool, suppliers can also gain competitive advantage and download more content. Artists on social networks will also be able to use their talents and create a community, while creating advertisements for local suppliers. Advertisers, in turn, will benefit from the artist community and higher coverage.

VANM token details:

Token: VANM
PreICO Price: 1 VANM = 0.00038 ETH
Price: 1 VANM = 0.0005 ETH

Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC
Hard cap: 64350 ETH


Concept phase of the VANM project​
Fundamental market analysis​
Surveying potential customers​
Detailed concept development /whitepaper​
Strategic partnerships

Founding the company VANM UG (haftungsbeschränkt)​
Recruitment of additional team members​
Starting app prototype development​
Smart contract development​
Start of token sale​

Prototype app presentation​
End of taken sale​
Community voting on app prototype design​
Start of beta app development​
Expanding local sales activities​
Launch of beta app​

Community Voting for the Beta App
Incorporation of Community Feedback
Planned launch of the VANM Android App​
iOS App Development​
Expansion of the VANM network​
Introduction of the Ad Mining 2.0 Phase

Complete market saturation
Augmented reality beta app / Ad Mining 2.0​
Expansion of VANM services – e.g. Free mobility​
International expansion​



The VANM platform will create a new economy in our world and technology will be consumed efficiently in our world, all companies and users will benefit, VANM tokens are intended to be used on platforms, the more tokens will be traded on exchanges, people will create demand, so that it will create an efficient economy and consumption in service! So, friends, I advise you to invest in this project and manage tables, because this is a breakthrough in blockchain technology from the crypto industry!

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