Virtual Park - a platform that combines modern virtual reality technology.

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Virtual parks are platforms that combine modern virtual reality technology. The company has created a structure that allows users to fully express and integrate their ideas on the Virtual Park platform, and this doesn't matter, promote everything! In general, what is virtual reality to understand the relevance of platform development. Virtual reality (VR) is an artificial world made with the help of hardware and software and transmitted to someone through his feelings, such as vision, hearing, cupping contact and other methods. The possibilities are endless.

The Taman VR project is a decisive element in the trends in the development of VR technology and augmented reality. VR Park's general partner is Psycho Technology, whose technology base and software builds interactive zones; he has a strong intellectual base for the development, modification and implementation of products stated in the global VR industry market. Currently augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are actively taking over the entertainment industry. Thanks to modern technology, VR provides a completely new type of interaction with the virtual digital world, bringing this direction to a new level in providing sensations and opportunities to realize creative ideas.

The purpose of VR Park

Our project is designed to accelerate the development and integration of virtual reality technologies in various fields. At our fingertips, virtual reality parks not only provide modern and attractive ways for users to have fun, but also reveal other opportunities of virtual reality, such as holding exhibitions with full immersion in exhibitions and safe training in conditions close to reality. In addition, we created a platform to develop and distribute games and other software products that use virtual reality technology in various fields. Already today, virtual reality technology radically changes the process of user interaction with the virtual world and various applied computer programs. This leads to reforming public opinion about games and working with applications, thanks to the transformation of these processes into a type of active activity that does not cause harm to health, and makes it an indigenous plant. Together with each project participant, Virtual Reality Park Limited speeds up the distribution and integration of virtual reality into various processes, which will help make many human activities more useful and more useful.

We offer software and hardware solutions, which will attract a wide audience around the world, to create and monetize high-quality VR content - VR Park (Virtual Reality Park) platform. This platform combines smart VR park space and SDK to create VR applications and repositories, bringing together developers and content consumers. This platform will be based on the technical basis of the Virtual Park Company, which ensures the realization of all the most sophisticated Virtual Reality technologies in the Taman VR project. In addition, work has been done on the making of SDKs and special APIs that will greatly simplify the creation of VR content and its integration, so it is possible to involve stakeholders in system development. The unique experience of the Psiko Technology team helps realize the task. At the end of 2016, work on technology that enabled instant transfer of all human movements to cyberspace began, and after almost two years, the task was carried out fully and without compromise. Psycho Technology's technological solutions are a real breakthrough in the VR industry. Not only a prototype, but a fully functional product with a new level of user interaction qualitatively with the virtual world, available.

For the development and promotion of platforms on the market, ICO fundraising campaigns are being carried out by VR Park. VR tokens released during the tokensale process will have token utility functions and function as internal calculation tools in the system. About 60 percent of ICO funds collected during tokensale will be spent to develop the park's own VR network, which will significantly increase the overall demand for VR tokens and increase liquidity, which in turn will provide incentives for other participants to join the platform.

How does VR Park work?

  • For developers
    Access to SDK
    Integration into Virtual Park infrastructure
    VR Lab: Get the chance to realize your own product
    VR Marketplace

  • Payment for the VR application in the Virtual Park token
    15% discount when you pay for the application in a VR token
    10% discount for franchise purchases
    10% discount for VR park visitors when paying in VR tokens

  • Virtual Park and VR application
    Marketplace with many application options for Virtual Parks.
    Entertaining, marketing, educational VR application
    VR games for various age groups and business audiences

Token info

Token VR
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Price in ICO 1.0000 USD
Tokens for sale 3,900,000

Investment info

Min. investment 0.2 ETH
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 2,200,000 USD
Hard cap 64,500,000 USD


Q4 2016
Foundation of the Virtual Park company.
Development of body tracking and motion capture technology.
Development and construction of the first alpha version of the costume control body.
Development of the camera system for body position tracking in spac.
Integration of Leap Motion and writing of software to capture the movement of the hands.

Q1 2017
Building System.
The first tests of body control suit with synchronization of VR motion capture cameras.
Development of stable software.
Building and testing the first full version of the platform.
Optimization of space position reading algorithms.

Q2 2017
Construction of the system.
Presentation of technology to investors and first round of attracting investments.
Development of VR applications and starting work on the SDK.
Re-testing and debugging the tracking system.
Development of interactive weapons for VR games and interactive objects.

Q3 2017
Exploring the needs of the VR market.
Analysis of business needs and target audience of Virtual Reality.
Own investment tests for the Virtual Park ecosystem.
Launch of the first platform in test mode.
Setting up a Body Control System.
Design of the platform for the platform to enter the open market.

Q4 2017
Early Product Version.
Presentation of the SDK to third party developers.
Attractive second round of investments in the project ..
Acquaintance of the project with users in open areas
Development software to expand the functionality of Virtual Parks.
Review of technology solutions and positioning platforms in the open market.
PR and marketing of open areas.

Q1-Q4 2018
Preparation for the distribution of tokens.
Preparation of the use of blockchain networks in the Virtual Park ecosystem.
Getting started on the Virtual Park project regulations.
Attracting consultants.
Acquaintance of the project with potential investors.
Development fundraising company.
Overview of the technology solutions and positioning platforms.
Media plan development and marketing research.
Registration of Virtual Park in the UK.

Q1 2019
Distribution of VR tokens.
Virtual Park projects are presentation on the open market.
Virtual Park Marketing Campaign.
Start attracting capital to scale the project to the world market.
Road Show in Asia and Europe.
Distribution of VR tokens.
Summing up and making construction regulations.

Q2 2019
Payment in blockchain VR Token.
Construction of the first Virtual Parks after distribution of tokens.
Development of VR apps marketplace for VR Market.

Q3-Q4 2019
Effective promotion and integration.
API development for integration with Virtual Park apps.
The second stage of the construction of parks in the USA.
Summing up interim results and public report.
Localization of the platform into additional languages.
Starting blockchain network and introducing VR token into circulation.

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