AOC - Raising Hell and Taking Names

2 years ago

AOC has been on the Twitter warpath lately. With no signs of letting up anytime soon she will continue to be the craw in many Conservatives crack.

You have to admit, she has a succinct way of making her point. Here's one about the hypocrisy in supporting preditory lending.


And the hypocrisy again on valueing unborn life but no concern for existing lives, (aka yours and mine):


Or kids at the border for that matter:


Many in the GOP would quickly judge a Theocracy such as Iran as wrong, while in the same breath trying to breathe thier particular religions opinions into efforts at rewriting the Constitution. So much for separation of church and state in that case:


She's quick to untwist all the twistings of truth surrounding The Green New Deal. Her opponents have gone as far to say that it would eliminate hamburgers and airplanes. Yea right, and maybe the Hamburgler had something to do with Malaysia Flight 370 dissapearing also


She calls out the hypocrisy of the way that the Conservative media refuses to call Domestic Terrorism just what it is:


When many would just like to forget the housing collapse from a few years ago, she still wants to hold big banking accountable:


And when everyone else is supporting whichever Democratic candidate that they feel can win, without regard for the issues at hand, she is supporting candidates that actually have a plan and have outlined it:


Can't wait until she is old enough to run for president. Conservatives will really lose thier last marble when that happens.

All screenshots via AOC's Twitter feed

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