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2 years ago


Here's my take on what's going on in Venezuala. Your results may vary.

I've never been to Venezuala, so most of my information comes from various media sources, and the ones here in the US are mostly biased, so I try to be selective and look for alternative outlets.

One thing that is for certain: the US's interest in Venezuala is not one of compassion for the people. Pompeo and Bolton could care less about the average person there.

So anyone that is for US intervention in Venezuala is inviting disaster the likes of which can be observed easily by looking at other countries that the US has meddled in.

Careful what you ask for, you may just get it.

For anyone looking for an on the ground human perspective, you can read one here:

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i have read your writing -- totally agree on it.

also thanx for the given link - read it too, but partly. very intresting text


Yes, it's a complex situation. But I'm certain that guns are not the solution. If we really wanted to help the people there we would lift sanctions, open up trade and begin actual diplomatic discussions. Only the people suffer with these strong arm tactics. Only the elite have anything to gain from it. Same story over and over in this world.

thank you for your visit to my post.
I follow you..

We need that intervention.

Right now we are in the hands of china and russia and Iran,
20 years ago we were the US favorite banana republic and we were the richest and more developped country of South america.

I would sell my soul a million times to Trump if that keeps the evil axis out of my country.

Greater good man... greater good...


So, to play devil's advocate:
Why should it be my responsibility as a US taxpayer to come to the rescue of every supposedly failing democracy out there?
Personally in tired of my tax dollars being spent on every man's war.


If the way your taxes are spent, is what disturbs you,

Then say it so...

However strategically the US needs our oil, so it is in the country interest that we are not in the hands of your enemies.


That's only one of the issues that disturbs me.

I also have issue with violent conflicts waged over oil to name another.

I would disagree that we "need" Venezualan oil. In my view big oil only "covets" cheap Venezualan oil.

Lastly, I would probably define who is and isn't my enemy a little different than the military industrial complex who wants to decide for me both about how my dollars are spent and when and where my loved ones need to risk thier lives.

People all over the world complain about US hegemony and in the same breath are so quick to ask for US assistance to implement thier particular flavor of the day "democracy".

In the end, most of these conflicts are just smokescreens and the masses are just pawns in the game.