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When someone speaks to you, do you listen?

When someone tells you what's on thier minds, do you care?

This is the matter at hand.

We complain about this world. We are amazed at the lack of unity. The divisions that exist are overwhelming.

But if we talk about divisions, we must always include our own particular part.

Division means: "the condition or an instance of being divided in opinion or interest"

Division by nature includes two parts.

How have we accomplished our own particular part in avoiding this dynamic?

When someone speaks to you, do you listen?

When someone tells you what's on thier mind do you hear them?

Communication has two parts. Which is thiers, and which is yours?

Of course these are very simple questions, so simple that some will disregard this message that I present.

But will you?


Why would that be important?

This is for each of us to answer.

Are we listening?

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Communication is everything! Listening is the best skill in the art of communication, and understanding is a close second. Not necessarily understanding the events the speaker speaks about, but the human behind the speeches, and the pressure they sit on/under.

If a person ever walks away after talking to you, feeling worse than when they came, you should feel unwise.


Love that perspective

Hi brother how are you forget me?


No, didn't forget, just busy lately. Hope all is well, seems like your designs are always improving!


Thanks brother your reponse & like my efforts