Honolulu by Day, Night, and in Miniature

last year
This is a trip a couple months back with the fam.
The first photo I was testing out the miniaturization mode on our new camera. seems to work pretty well, but there's still room for improvement.


Same view at night without miniaturization.


Some fisherman on the Jetty. If you look real close in the distance there is a cruise ship.


Friday night fireworks on Waikiki!


Surfers at sunset


Sweet Palm Tree


All photos by me:
Make - Canon
Model - EOS Rebel T7i
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Cool shots! My favourite is the fishermen on jetty one - love the shimmery water... :)

I love the photos. They bring a sense of dreaminess

Superbbbb pics i love 2nd pic 😊have a beautiful day

I love all the pics. so lovely! mini-mode works quite impressive.


Thanks, I'm just starting to get back into the swing of having a camera like this, it's been a few years.

I love holidays in Hawaii, thanks for bringing back memories. I think I stayed in the hotel you miniaturized.


Yea, that's Hilton Hawaiian Village, looking down at the Convention Center. The problem with Hawaii is that I never want to go back home.


You, I and my local chemist LOL


I think they call this condition S.I.S. - Sunny Island Syndrome.


LOL If you are in the right hotel its total relaxation

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