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last year

Frank Lloyd Wright on the balcony of the Guggenheim Museum during construction in 1959.
Photo by William H. Short/Courtesy Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Archives.

Our natures are now so warped in many directions, we are so conditioned by education, we have no longer any straight, true, clean reactions that we can trust, and we have to be pretty wise and careful what it is we give up to, what it is we admire, what it is we are inspired by.

Frank Loyd Wright - 1957


I posted the above yesterday. Wasn't completely sure why. Something about it struck me as particularly relevant, not just here in Weku, but also and more importantly in life in general.

I'll continue my thoughts now.

We are surrounded by information overload. When I was a child, if you were curious about a certain topic the best you could do is ask your parents, and if they didn't know, you could get on your bike and ride five miles to the library and hope that they had a book that answered your question.

Now things are different. A child can get an answer be it correct or otherwise to incredibly any known question within seconds if it enters the mind.

The problem becomes different. Now the problem becomes which answer to trust. Who do you believe?

Answers conflict more often than not, and that simple world that I grew up in no longer exists. How does the new generation adapt to this new dynamic?

I don't have the answer for others, but for myself I turn to the past. I turn to those who came before me, people like Frank Loyd Wright, who created phenomenal works of architecture. I trust people like this for thier viewpoints because of the proof that is provided in all that they brought to this world.

Perhaps that is the best way to judge what should be trusted and who we should follow in this short life. By looking at the proof contained in the life of the one to whom we are listening.

I know for some this might seem obvious. But when I look around, that doesn't seem to be the case for many.

So, as is my habit, I tend to say the obvious, and deal with the reactions.


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