Who Is Weku?

2 years ago


Rising or Setting

Who is Weku?

What answer would you like to hear?

Maybe it's We are Weku.

Honestly, We are Weku is a project of @siamcat and her personal adherents. There are others, Whitelist, Wekunewbies, Wekubusters, Friendsgroup, and more.

I mean, the thought of We are Weku is nice, it's not a bad initiative, but when one person controls too much of a platform, the vision becomes watered down and uninspiring.

Although I can say from personal experience that I think Cat's heart is in a good place, at this point too much power in the hands of too few is only a negative for Weku.

Also now that Cat is an official Weku Team Member, in my opinion it would seem appropriate for her active roles to be re-evaluated to avoid conflict of interest.

Maybe Weku is the Witnesses.

I am a witness, (was? it's to be determined if I continue). Most witnesses to date came from Busters and there is a backstory to that which deserves a post by itself, but as of the moment there really aren't any witnesses.

Alexey is running @initminer after the blockchain recently siezed up, (another topic worthy of an entire post, I won't go into it here and now) and the code hasn't been released to start again, so as of now there really aren't any witnesses.

Little information has been doled out to the witnesses, or the public as to why this is taking so long, but it definitely gives the impression that decentralization is an afterthought and possibly only an unwanted aspect of blockchain for the founding team.

I think everyone deserves action and answers on this point.

Maybe Weku is the Devs.

Well, speaking from the perspective of someone that has been on the inside of this beast called Weku, there are currently only two Devs, and one seems to be riding in the backseat of the Weku bus. I'll let you figure that part out.

How this transpired is a well kept secret, but this is a topic is at the core of most of the problems plaguing Weku. It's a topic that involves issues of control and growth and possibly others that I am not aware of, but it's probably the biggest single issue for Weku. I make no conclusions here about who is better suited to lead the Dev team, only that the uncertainty in deciding this has been to the detriment of Weku.

Maybe Weku is those beautiful talented faces that you can see on the Weku.io landing page.

This is the most dissapointing part for me. Understand, I was a buster, an insider, I've recently given up that spot due to what I will only call differences of philosophy. I asked to be removed so don't let another story be told on that. Send them to me and I'll have no problem correcting thier information.

What I can tell you for a fact, is that out of all the faces on the website, only two have any type of day to day consistent visibility and involvement, and that involvement is lacking greatly in my humble opinion.

One additional person I've seen there I've heard from on only one occasion on a conference call.

The last person that I can see is involved has been what I would call the Leader but not directly managing most specific operational aspects. I won't name names, but I think this dynamic is important to make known.

So only four of those faces on the website have involvement noticeable by an insider. The amount of involvement at least from my perspective, leaves much to be desired.

Maybe Weku is the investors.

This question leads to other questions. Who are the investors?

Do we really know?
  • There are the initial investors, but they have never really been identified clearly.

    • Who out of those website faces is Weku beholden to, and for how much?
    • Who pays for the website servers?
    • How are the active players compensated?
  • There is also a new group of people that have been termed "investors" that have joined recently. The details of thier appearance at Weku was somewhat stealthy, it didn't inspire confidence for some people.

Although for the most part thier intentions seem to be in the best interest of the platform, the total scope of thier intentions is less than clear, and when newcomers arrive and demand certain behaviors based on thier holdings, this can only leave a bad taste in one's mouth.

Some of course will just obey the money to insure survival, but that is a different topic.

Maybe Weku is the users.

I like this answer best, but I'm not sure it's the real truth at this point. I'm hoping that in time this will be the destination for the answer to this question "Who is Weku".

Keep on Wekuing in the mean time.


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I agree with what you are saying but I think it should be added that the investors are wanting to be anonymous, just as many users are wanting the same thing. it is not able to be so when certain groups are wanting users to verify there identity to be on a discord channel, just as it was a requirement when the witness first started that we had to verify ourselves to the Team. That is a whole post in and of itself also.

The one group of users on this platform is creating and causing problems on the platform, Yes, they have fixed and corrected many problems on the platform but at want cost. People have stopped posting and have put energy into other platforms because they did not feel welcome here with all the rules and regulations that are not normally on a blockchain platform. Yes, many just simply do as they are told to survive on this platform, "following the money". As you and I say these subjects are worthy of a post of their own.

somehow I missed this post in the turmoil days. I will give it a careful reading and thinking. too many good points here, adding it to the memories!

Thought provoking..
I only joined a week ago and I've been making turns round the community trying to understand.. Who knew someone already had all my questions in mind too?

I agree with @ambiguity that these subjects are worthy of a post of their own. I'm not sure what is what here yet, I'm new to the platform, though not new to blockchain social media. I'll keep checking in here for more thoughts in comments and please, if there are actual posts I can be referred to for more knowledge on subjects like this, put me on.

I also have a few questions in my last post I'd like to clarify so I can be more appropriately engaged here. Thank you.

You have a very clear way of thinking and expressing yourself.
I really do not think Weku is the users yet. And I really believe that in the beginning a centralized power is needed to control what happens on the platform. But that requires work and dedication by the central team, which is not seen. And I also think that by now we should have started another stage, if we are still in the beginning it is because of the bad performance of the team. Many users are no longer using the platform because there is no progress, but rather the opposite.

Woow, fantastic title "Who is WeKu", a very interesting and useful discussion for us. Thanks for your share @oracle!
We only hope that things will get better.

I saw this post too late but I completely agree with you on this post

Who is Weku ?

We are Weku is one of the biggest spam comments that we would ever receive in weku.

Nice work brother