Introducing "WEKU Post Promotion" Page & Group to Promote WEKU Posts on Facebook

2 years ago

Hello Friends,

For the purpose of WEKU promotion I created and want to introduce new Facebook Page and Group to promote your WEKU posts with Facebook users.




Join Facebook Page and Group to promote your quality WEKU post to get more views and get rewarded by upvotes on your posts.

So friends spread this post to make WEKU more popular.

Also this is perfect time to invest in WEKU, invite your friends & relatives to invest some money in WEKU for a good future.

Some simple steps to promote WEKU

  • Reweku this post

  • Join & Share this 2 pages on Facebook

  • Upvote this post to make this post popular so others can read this

  • Use #wekupostpromotion tag in your posts

  • Make a post to promote these Facebook Page and Group
    More people join more we get rewards

Facebook Page and Group Rules

  • Share only WEKU post links

  • Do not ask for upvotes, this is not upvote exchange Page/Group

  • Only quality posts will get rewards by community members

  • Use #wekupostpromotion tag in your posts

So friends join...


Have a good day!

Post by @raviraj


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How nice a facebook page, great idea hopefully tangamos the luck to attract many people.


Ya this is a great idea to promote WEKU, but join is still 0.00

Hmm. this is new and nice way to promate weku thanks for sharing info.