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When is it normal again?

I don't know this information. I just sent 100 weku to @ rev-bank. How about this?


write a comment here i will vote for the ammount


I Will send at 29 day ago. Could u help me?

Hi, @rev-bank, when do you think the exchange will be back functioning? Thank you!

The exchange seems to be permanently down. This doesn't feel right.

Hello Goodnight. 2 days ago I made a transfer to my account in Bitshares for 500 weku and I still don't see it reflected in my account. Could you inform me what should I do to recover my weku?
Thank you.


write two co,,emts below i will refund you with votes


How does this system work? I own 300 Wiko and I did not understand how to send it off the platform in another currency. Can you explain the method to me?

Please,My username is dniceguy on WEKU platform.
I did a mistake in sending 101 WEKU to you today, I would be happy if you could refund me back

hi @rev-bank.. could give me back my weku.