A Big WeKu Welcome To @indo-cleaners

last year


There's a new sheriff in town- @indo-cleaners- who have vowed to clean up their end of the pool, the Indonesian community. Working in conjunction with Weku-Busters they, in their own words:  @indo-cleaners is present in the midst of users of the Weku platform especially in Indonesia. on consideration of the increasing number of users in Indonesia. @indo-cleaners has several roles including: 


  1. Indo-cleaners is an anti-abuse account
  2. crack down on any posts that commit plagiarism
  3. sanction accounts that are negative
  4. indo-cleaners keep the atmosphere conducive and free from any crime

This couldn't have come at a better time as Weku currently has an Indonesian group that's been scamming the reward pool with vote farming and wekucoin manipulation. This is where the vast majority of the "crimes" against WeKu are coming from so an offer by members of the Indonesian Community to help clean up the malfeasances come as a welcome relief to those of us that don't game the system.

So welcome @indo-cleaners... everybody here on WeKu look forward to whatever help you can provide.


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Greetings my friend and blessings. There are some kind gentle folks here who express their hearts through their pens and gladly embrace your welcome. We would like to see Weku grow and flourish. May you root out the scammers of Weku and make this world a better place. Thanks @richq11