Orecchiette Siciliano (Little Ears)

8 months ago


Feeds Four


1 lb Orecchiette pasta

1 lb Hot Italian Sausage (loose)

1/2 lb Rapini (Broccoli Rabe)

2 oz Cognac

1- 1 1/2 pints Garlic Cream Sauce


I always pre-cook my pasta, rinse well in cold water to prevent sticking and set aside.

Brown sausage well and drain grease... I use a large skillet or a wok for this recipe.

Replace sausage in skillet and add rapini and cognac... make sure to flame the cognac. It gives off a vanilla flavor when flamed.

Add garlic cream sauce (recipe below) and heat well making sure not to boil it. When cream sauces boil they "break"- bead up. It doesn't affect the flavor, but makes it a lot less aesthetically pleasing.

Add pasta and cook until hot... then it's ready to serve. This is an easy one-pot meal and it tastes terrific.

Garlic Cream Sauce:

1- 1 1/2 pints heavy cream (depending how creamy you like your pasta)

4-5 cloves roasted garlic

For a quick sauce you can mince the garlic and put it in the cream when you heat it. Always cook on low heat to avoid boiling.

When I make it, I do it a day early and wrap the garlic in cheesecloth. Once the cream is hot I remove from heat and allow to cool, then refrigerate overnight. Remove garlic before reheating. I prefer a plain cream sauce without chunks of garlic floating around, but it's a matter of personal taste- I tend to be a perfectionist when I'm cooking.

I made this at the Italian restaurant I cooked at in Wisconsin and one of the customers said it tasted just like the way her Nonna made it in Sicily. Also legendary football coach Barry Alvarez used to come there with his wife every Wed. night and order it.

Buon Appetito


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It looks mighty tasty. My father used to like to cook. In fact he was a better cook than my mom. He would have enjoyed this. Blessings @richq11

sounds great - I like to cook also, maybe should share my recipes here as well.


People seem to enjoy them... I worked as a chef at several high-end Italian restaurants and still love to cook.

Oh my holy greatness yes please and thank you!


You know I put these on here just for you. Actually, I don't like garlic cream sauce and I really don't like broccoli of any kind!

Awesome.. it looks so delicious

delicious food, so you want to eat it

The food is very tempting. @richq11

You are very good at cooking delicious dishes, really a very pleasant procedure if we try to make it. Thank you very much for the information.

Our tastebuds are tantalized by different things....Mouth watering

Tasty written about pasta, I wanted to eat the same :)))