Politics For Dummies... If George Carlin Was Alive

last year

Meme by me @richq11 via imgflip.com

George Carlin had a marvelous way of cutting through all of the BS and getting straight to the heart of the matter, whether he was critiquing politics, society, religion or what have you. So I'm going to try and channel my inner George and give you my no BS view of politics in America... beginning with a very apt quote from the late great Ambrose Bierce:


In other words politics is public affairs performed by corrupt selfish psychopathic scumbags for their own benefit- NOT YOURS!

Lord Acton informed us that power corrupts, however, Frank Herbert, author of Dune tells us:


So there you have it... politics, or public affairs, attracts the most corruptible among us- the psychopathic scumbags- the more power involved, or the higher up the political food chain, the more corrupt they become. And it doesn't matter what party they belong to, the outcome is inevitably the same. Mika Waltari so eloquently wrote: "For this is called politics and is the greatest of all arts, for sooner or later adherence to either party leads to one and the same end."

In 2016 someone from outside the pool of psychopathic scumbags managed to win the US Presidency and nothing has been the same since. The American people have one of their own in the White House threatening the psychopathic scumbags' hegemony on power.

This actually makes things a lot simpler... if you want to know who the psychopathic scumbags in and out of government are, just look for who pushes back against President Trump the hardest. Conversely, if you want to know who the good people are, just look for who support him. People in politics always say the issues are too complex for average Americans to understand. However, the psychopathic scumbags unwittingly made things very simple... so, thank you psychopathic scumbags.

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That is some vintage George Carlin for sure. He sniffs out and comments on life's absurdities without caring who gets bent out of shape over hearing the truth. I recall with a smile his most famous quotes regarding the Seven Dirty Words.


People say he was a comedian, but I saw him more as a philosopher/social critic


Yeah he was more as a philosopher/social critic cos I've always loved quotes from him because his quotes really seems to break some barriers in the normal/accepted way we see things especially with regards to making us reflect on or having a deep thoughts on accepted social, political and even cultural norms, principles and system of government which has become a part and parcel of us.

I miss George! However I think Robin Williams said it the best regarding politics.

"Politics: poly meaning 'many,' and tics meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'."
~ Robin Williams

I couldn't agree more with that. Especially considering these fuckers are nothing more than a bunch of baby blood drinking Satanists anyways.

George Carlin was spot on. Yeah I have listened to many of his videos and totally agree with him. We are not part of the club. I also think of his views of environment and he would have spoke out against the lie of climate change if he were alive today. Mystery his death. Thanks @richq11 will repost