The Weathermen... 60's Radicals and the American Educational System

last year 

"Republican Laws and education will effect a general moral improvement in the population and create a society of habitual virtue."  ~Stanhope Smith, First President of Princeton

Between a 1:40 video and text this is going to be kind of a long post, but to anyone interested in the decline in American education as well as American culture it's necessary. I've written volumes already about how secular humanists and then Marxists infiltrated the educational system going all the way back to Thomas Mann the "Father of American Education." The videos trace the Weather Underground from it's beginning- a bunch of privileged white kids from affluent families who attended America's finest universities all the way to Barack Obama. It was never a grassroots organization, but a part of an elitist plan to take over America on behalf of elites. If you missed the first video you can find it here:

If you didn't see it, I recommend watching as it shows the elitist roots. In the photo above are Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn (once on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List). Ayers' father Thomas was one of the biggest movers and shapers in Chicago politics. A Communist himself, he realized the importance of infiltrating education along with philanthropic NGO's. He is likely responsible for radicalizing his son. Bill Ayers, friend and mentor of Barack Obama, is a retired professor of education at both the University of Illinois- Chicago and Columbia. Columbia University also plays a large role in radical leftist culture in America. It became home to the Frankfurt School when it fled Germany in the 1930's and is the home of Cultural Marxism in America.

Nothing happens by accident... everything is part of a plan and the radical left has had a plan for the takeover of America, but that can't happen with an educated populace. The Cultural Marxists proposed the "long march through the institutions," and no institution is more important to their plan than education... the opposite of what Stanhope Smith advocated in the quote above. Only an idiot- a radicalized idiot- would buy what the radicals are selling. That's why the Weathermen infiltrated American education. With the help of a complicit news media the Weathermen have brought the long march to American education and it's paid off.

During their heyday in the 1960's and 70's the Weathermen along with other radical groups such as the Black Panthers got sympathetic if not supportive press from the American media. Much like ANTI-fa the Weathermen were portrayed as "misguided youth," when in fact they were violent militants who used bombs to make their point. The were responsible for bombings, armored car robberies and other violent felonies and most are not only free today, but teaching at some of America's most prestigious universities including Northwestern and Columbia.

Their alumni are also tied to some of America's most prestigious law firms and philanthropic NGO's. It's difficult to understand how some of America's most dangerous and radical felons are now a part of "The Establishment" that they claimed they wanted to overturn... unless it was all part of a larger plan- a plan formulated a generation or two earlier. Like I said earlier, I recommend that if you didn't see Part 1 to watch it first to get the proper historical background. Here's Part 2:

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Yes, the videos are long but worth every second of it. Bill Ayers' Dad was a busy guy! What a nest of vipers.

Video 2: Pit of vipers. I didn't know that about the 'J" names. I'll have to keep an eye on stuff like that when I snoop into someone's family.

I am on my third day of a unrelenting headache. I have nothing to do but listen to these so I thank you. Good day to do this. Herbals not working, steam not working, pharma not working. Please pray.


You're at the top of my prayer list. Check your protonmail, I sent a little something to cheer you up.


Thank you and I just sent you an email back. Thanks much.

If they can brainwash the children through the education system, they can take over a country in just a generation or two. Thanks @richq11 Listening to the videos now.


That's the plan!

...speaking of collusion and conspiracies......