HF 22 Test Countdown

last year


The HF 22 test took place on Fri. May 31 at 2:00:00H GMT with good results according to developer N. Narvaez. The only problem was with old post payouts appearing much larger than they really were. This won’t affect the running of the platform in any way. What is important is how many vesting shares are paid out for posts.

Nathan will perform a new HF tonight at 20H GMT and hopefully after that the Witness Test Code can be released and we can get the platform back on track and the witness nodes back up and running. For more information please read Nathan’s posts linked below that were also announced on Busters discord today.



Screenshot 2019-03-01 at 16.47.14.png

In case you want to appeal or let us know about any kind of abuse that you might have came across in the platform, feel free to reach us here:

WeKuBusters Official Discord


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Yes, I have seen this from his post too. Good for you to share it again for others who were not able to see. Weku to the Moon!

Follow WeKu Official on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weku.chain.3

This should be a group on Facebook, not a personal account. It could well be set up as a closed group only for WeKu members - simply ask a question in the group membership application: "are you a member of WeKu, if so, please give us your WeKu link" - If they don't answer with a link, then don't accept them in the group.
But I made a friend request anyway.