Festivals organized on the French Revolution Day.

last year

On 17 July 1789, France's Bastille Castle of Paris collapsed. After 1790, the day has been commemorated as the day of French Revolution, the people of the country. At that time the French people surrounded the Bastil fort, were accumulated anger and hatred. The castle was mainly prison. There would be confiscated monarchy and critics of feudalism. The prisoners were run on ruthless torture. 230 years ago on July 14, the French people and the soldiers on their side released the prisoners in the castle. Later the people expressed their anger by setting fire to the fort. Historical day is a symbol of equality, unity and freedom to the French people. The day is known as Revolution or Bastille Day. The colorful parade is held every year in Bastil Square. It was on this day that there were several arrangements including parade.

Arranged forces in the parade. @saleh9

French marine parade in the parade. @saleh9

Police force with trained dog. @saleh9

People were on the Champs-Alicia Avenue. @saleh9

In the parade was the tank, armored car. @saleh9

nn.jpgParrish sky before concert and fireworks organized at the Eiffel Tower-adjacent premises on Revolution Day. @saleh9

Bustil or revolution day firefighting fireworks surrounding the Eiffel Tower. @saleh9

A lot of people gathered around the Eiffel Tower in a three-hour colorful arrangement. @saleh9

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