Hrithik-Tiger in a tough battle! (Video)

last year


Hundreds of Bollywood actors Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff announced the war on Twitter on Monday morning. The war was not limited to only two people when they came to Twitter. The fans of both actors joined the war The conversation about 'War', which was followed by Twitter since Monday morning.

Official Teaser of the movie 'War' has been released this day, Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. Tiger Shroff shares the teaser's video with her Twitter account, 'Hrithik, you are rusty in your movement. I will show you how it is! 'After this tweet, the answer came from Hrithik. He said, 'Tiger, you just started, and I'm master. Sit down. "After the incident, the heat of war has spread in the social media.

The one-minute teaser published on Monday shows that all the awesome sticks on the bike In the middle of the sky, there are scenes of two people joining the battle in the middle of the sky like the 'Mission Impossible' when the bike gets bad. With Bani Kapoor also This picture will be released on October 2 if everything is okay. But before that 'war' effect Saragaram.

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