India's Supreme Court intervenes in Unnao's rape.

last year


The Supreme Court of India has come forward to discuss the nineteen rape cases in Uttar Pradesh, India. Justice Ranjan Gagai, the chief justice of the Supreme Court of India, has instructed him to explain why the family letter written by the victim did not reach him. He called for a report from the registry department of the Supreme Court on this matter.

In addition, Gagai said he would hear the case Thursday against the public interest lawsuit that was filed for rape. It was alleged in the case that the main accused in the rape case were trying to dissolve the case. The petition is also under consideration of the Supreme Court to move the case out of Uttar Pradesh.

Unnawe in Uttar Pradesh, India's largest state, was raped by a 4-year-old girl two years ago. Since then, the case has not been settled. State BJP lawmaker Kuldeep Singh Sanger has accused the woman of rape. He was allegedly raped by BJP MLAs and his followers when he sought a job. First the State Police, the CBI later investigating the incident. Two chargesheets were also filed. However, the case was not settled.

There has been a series of incidents since the allegations against the BJP leader have been filed. The victim's father died in police custody. The woman also attempted suicide last year in front of the Chief Minister Adityanath's house demanding justice. He and his lawyer were critically injured in an accident while traveling from Lucknow to Raebareli on the road three days ago with their two aunts and lawyers.His two aunts, one of whom was a witness in the rape case, were killed. Their vehicle was hit in the face with a truck coming from the opposite direction. The number plate of that truck was ink coated.

After that incident, the politics of the country took a toll. The alleged BJP MLA is also trying to loot witnesses from jail. The road accident is his plot. He is pushing the jail to take the case in various ways. In a letter to the Chief Justice last July, the mother of the abused woman told the Chief Justice that the pressure and constant threat to withdraw her case. The same letter was given to the Allahabad High Court and the Uttar Pradesh government. But for some unknown reason the letter did not reach the Chief Justice. "I read in the newspaper today about writing letters," he told the media on Wednesday. Reading the paper may seem like I have pressed the letter. In reality, it is not. The petition was also forwarded to the Supreme Court to withdraw the case from Uttar Pradesh. The application is still under consideration. '

Another BJP leader has been accused in a road accident that left two people dead and tortured and his lawyer seriously injured. He is close to Arun Singh, president of Unnao block of BJP, close to the main accused, Kuldeep Singh Sanger. Arun Singh's father-in-law is a minister in Uttar Pradesh. Although the BJP was upset over the incident, no punitive action has been taken against the main accused. They were not even expelled from the party.


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was raped by a 4-year-old girl two years ago


I am surprised this has not hit all the news sites, worldwide - first ever case of a 4 year old being accused of rape!!!


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