Bug attack! A difficult day at work

9 months ago

Flying my drone at the construction site of the UK's most advanced solar farm I was overwhelmed for an entire month (when the yellow rape seed was in flower) by thousands of little beetles attracted to my high vis jacket. There was nothing I could do but get my shots regardless, as legally speaking taking my jacket off was not an option.

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C'est la vie. Nature rules.


You're right about that! All we can do is make the best of it ;)

Hahhahaha luckily they are small but can imagine how irritating it must be - get some citronella oil. Maybe that helps.


In fact, it turned out they don't like the orange high vis jackets. I just never got round to buying one!


How strange - Orange is not their color hahha

Yuks! creepy indeed. :-)


It was a bit creepy. But I got through it in the end :)