Buy 1 WKD for 5 cent USD💰

last year


Dear friends and followers,

Last time I wrote a post about WKD. Today I’m asking, are you still selling your WKD or converting your WKD to WEKU and selling? That’s really sad, not to mention counterproductive...

A friend told me quite some time ago that we should save our WKD… in the beginning I did not listen, but after the WEKU team decided not to trade WKD in the market I could understand what my friend was talking about.

@paradise-found and @richq11 are holding large amount of WKD. I started my WKD saving not long ago and unfortunately am holding just 4k WKD (what a pity) and @zahidsun maybe should also start saving his WKD now?


I would suggest nobody to power up their WKD, only the WEKU should be powered up

My total WKD amount is not much and I haven’t really been actively posting lately, so I will buy WKD for 5 cent USD/token and pay with Steem.

Currently I have 400 Steem at my Steem wallet (not that much) If any of you are interested in selling your WKD for 400 Steem, please let me know.

Current Steem price

1 Steem = 35 cent USD / 1 Steem = 7 WKD

For 400 Steem , I will get approx. 2,800 WKD



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I don't think I can sell it
but I still like to buy
and I swapped my steem with Weku
to increase my weku power







How do you transfer it to bank account?

Take a look at this

I would not promise that WKD would have more or less value than WEKUs it will depend on the WEKU team and the witnesses...

But i am exploring the inflationary consequences of pegging it to the USD.

Hi i am new to weku. And still unaware of how weku wallet works..please if you can help a little


If you choose the 50/50 reward a half of your payout will be WKD and the other half will be WEKU. The WEKU can be powered up as WP (WeKu Power) and this will increase you Upvote value. The WKD can be converted to the WEKU (this process will take 3.5 days) But I would suggest you not to convert the WKD but to keep them for the right time.


I am new so should i upvote 50% vote or 100%


To gain the WKD , it has nothing to do with the upvote, please read here and maybe you will understand:

For the Upvote

If you upvote with 100% Vote value, you will be able to upvote 10 times and then you should recharge your Vote power. But if you upvote with only 50% VP, you will be able to upvote 20 times.


Thank you

Im not selling, I'm trying to save it, not that my account is moving very quickly but slowly i will get there :)

@siamcat Hello dear friend.
It is very true what you say, it is a real pity to sell the weku coin and especially the weku dolars, I also think that these will have a very good momentum, it is good to see that you have gotten many offers to your proposal.
Thank you very much for advising us, what to do with our weku that with so much sacrifice we have earned.
I wish you a prosperous day, full of happiness and love.

Until now I have not saved my WKD, indeed there are not many and I do not intend to sell it because I will wait for the right time

we will defend. wkd we 'for the future of the WEKU platform, thank you for the information @siamcat I gave one time to thank you, for giving us a good solution here

I'll take them! I'll give you 3000 WKD for your 400 Steem... that should help you out. I'm just letting my WKD accumulate and I'll make it back.




My granddaughter thanks you!

Last Time i Mistakenly Sold a Little bit... Just Checking.. But Now i Think its Worth to Save WKD.

I’m selling some wkd siamcat


Check your DM

thank you for suggestion, I will also save wkd from now


Its time Zahid!
Everyone is selling WKD and its not tradable yet, the real value of tokens should be at WKD

Selling WKD is not a victory for my friends, I am more moderate and supportive when they choose to buy WEKU and do Power Up, this is one step or trace that I have done, and in the future I will remain consistent with more power supply as capital to wrestle this digital asset.

This is Going to be the Best Initiative of the RISE of WKD.. rEALLY @SIAMCAT

From now onward i will take good care of my WKD Thanks @siamcat for giving us the reason to save our WKD.

Thanks for your suggestions

this is interesting news, everyone must like it about a future development.

Wow it's A very good deal



I transfer 1000 WKD to your account and you transfer me to my steemit steem account?



How are we expected to get WEKU if we don't convert our WKD. I rather build my WEkU Power rather than power it down.


erm... Have you ever thought of putting your posts to 100 Power up to get weku ?


I went to my settings to select that options but I didn't see it to apply it to all of my posts/comments. But first I wanna build my Weku power to increase my upvote worth

I am sindhi translator for sindhi people and i am guiding sindhi pakistan and indian sindhi people.


I want sell wkd



i want to sell WKD

Wow! 400 steem is really tempting for people who really needs money like me dearest @siamcat i'll put interest for that good offer just for my family sake/situation even i value my wkd i valued more my family, because all of this is for them.

Hi @siamcat!

I registered yesterday and wanted to test buying WEKU by transfering STEEM. I transfered 1 STEEM from my steem-account @actifit-peter, but nothing shows up here in my wallet. I should get 10 WEKU for 1 STEEM. Can you please help me out, why it didn't work. Thank you very much!


Will check what happened, no worries!

An interesting offer, but I don't mean to sell it.

I choose to Save 😁

Can I use bitshares to cash out?