Can We Profile A Mass Shooter? Which Profile would you Choose?

6 months ago

Can We Profile A Mass Shooter? Which Profile would you Choose?

Data to consider:

Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Family: Professional - well off. Live in a nice home. ($266,000,$405,000, and 356,000) One Father has his own New Age Mental Health Counseling Center while Mom is a nurse, one family has an at home software consulting business, and one Father is a professional athlete.
Education: At least some college
Outlook: Unable to perform to parent's expectations regarding career goals. Outshined by siblings. Immature for age.
Other: Wore Ear Personal Protection (2 of them for sure), one drove several hours to target location when there were plenty of convenient Walmarts along the way.

Which profile makes sense to you?

(A) White Nationalist/White Supremacist
(B) A Member of Antifa or similiar group

Please leave your answer below. Am I crazy?

Links for those interested:

Santino Legan:,+Gilroy+CA

Patrick Crusius:!/Obituary
NOTE: Dad Goes By Middle Name

Connor Betts:
business registered to home address.
(Dad's consulting business)
Mom is president/co-owner

The Narrative:


Shootings are in sequence after Trumps announcement on July 27th regarding Antifa as a terrorist organization.

Border call to action flyer.jpg
Sept 1-10 rally planned in El Paso Texas

Betts Against All Gods Patch on Jacket.jpg
(Connor Betts - Nice Jacket)

What are your thoughts?

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Thanks! No one answers the question though.

SO messed up!

From my post today:

The "white supremacists" turns out to be a registered Democrat, and a Satanist (little difference, I know), and hates President Trump...surprised?

They just keep sending in their minions to kill people, to seize all firearms; so they can begin to systematically murder those that resist them, in bulk!

Just remember Historically, their goal is to murder us all, for political power!



Yup we are being played....again.


I refuse to play, LOL! Moving to a safer location....





AND checking up on my ghillie suit, and rifle, in case they bother me....