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We are officially living on a prison planet. They will bankrupt most of us in order to have the very rich and the needy dependent slave labor poor. They have AI. We are no longer needed to do anything but physical labor.

Consider this....
Standard protocol for a prison. Never let the prisoners gather. Discourage talking so they can't plot together. Train the new prisoners (kids) in this behavior/rules. Monitor the inmates at all times. Control their movement within the prison (travel). Control the influx of contraband (information). Reward good behavior with privileges (what used to be rights).

In this video I discuss the news related to this discussion, information from my brother, and more.

"When globalists look at the world they don't see countries, territories, states, or regions. They see cell blocks." - Squirrel Bait


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New Mexico governor orders roads closed to city of Gallup in effort to stop coronavirus spread

Connecticut fines residents $3,000 for violating coronavirus travel advisory

Forced County COVID-19 Lockdown of Ventura Apt Building at 137 S. Palm St.

Los Angeles to cut off water, power to properties hosting large gatherings

Cities go to extremes with quarantine crackdowns: Checkpoints, power shutoffs, steep fines

Australia's 2nd-largest city goes into tough coronavirus lockdown that could cost economy up to $6.5B

White House pushes back against national lockdown after top Fed official calls for prolonged shutdown

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Sadly I believe you are correct. I hope you and yours are well. We had the Derecho hurricane come through Toledo-Tama/ got power on Saturday. Still without phone and cable. We had a tree go down. But mom and I are safe and only minimal damage to the house. Blessings.


Oh wow. I was wondering if you saw damage from that. It was something else. We ended up in the basement (laundry room). We didn't know what was going on and the sirens never went off or anything. Glad you and Mamma are safe. Long time to be without power! SHTF practice.

Stay well and safe my friend.