Solo Camping

3 months ago


I am taking a solo camping trip for a week. I leave tomorrow morning. This coming week will not be in the 90's so off I go!!!!!! This is a new area for me. Secluded and a pain to get to. Perfect!!!

Goals: Practice bushcrafting, foraging, design a water catchment system, and explore this new area for resources

Challenges: No drinkable water due to farm runoff. Coyotes have been reported in the area. Iowa also has cougars.

(I will be bringing some water and to hide in the bushes by the entrance to go get later. It's a 1/4 mile hike from the camp site. Not enough for the full week so I will have to either ration or solve the water problem. Good challenge.)

I will try to remember to take pictures and capture a video clip or two. Going solo means I'll be doing all the work.

See ya in a week......or more......never know.

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