Solo Camping - I'm Back

3 months ago

From My Post Before I Left....

Goals: Practice bushcrafting, foraging, design a water catchment system, and explore this new area for resources

Challenges: No drinkable water due to farm runoff. Coyotes have been reported in the area. Iowa also has cougars.


All Goals were accomplished except for the water catchment system I designed. Not enough resources due to lack of material. These folks camped up there for 2 weeks and did fires every night burning up just about every branch in the area. The authorities showed up and kicked them out. There is a 2 week limit. I had to drag stuff up from down the hill. I couldn't find 4 large straight ones for that project. However, I did all the other crafting I wanted to do.

Drinkable water was indeed a challenge but I made my supply last. There were indeed coyotes in the area. They sang every night, LOL. It did get a bit scary for me being alone up there at night.

I treated my bug bites with plantain. I solved problems. It was awesome. I was alone most of the time and self sufficient.


I am organizing the video footage I took and will post a video or two when they are ready. I wanted to know what I really need to haul out there with me and what I could leave behind. I used or needed just about everything. I renewed my confidence in myself and spent quality time feeding my soul. I'm kinda sorry I came back, LOL.

Videos coming soon.

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Welcome back!
You are one brave girl, independent and self-sufficient. Excellent!


Not so brave as you will see. I think it's night 4. You will see. Thanks for the welcome back. I am making the videos today now that I have all the footage sorted between my phone and the camera. Coming soon!

This was good for me to do. Trusting oneself and one's own abilities makes us stronger, more confident and more resilient. I need to get in better shape though. Much better shape. Getting up and down from the ground was a hassle. LOL.


Much braver than me anyhow. I couldn't even think of the idea of camping out on my own. :-)