Three Hour Windows Update!!!

3 months ago


I am finally back online. Three hours this update took!!! I was going to work on my newest video but my morning has already been spent. This was a huge update and I think I received the "special" version of it.

So, with this in mind I would like to say how I have been feeling like a new woman. This whole thinking for myself thing is just so draining. Life is so much better when I just relax and let the media do all the work. I can have more free time to spend with my husband, take up cooking, maybe even learn to levitate. I recently realized the error of my ways and feel refreshed and ready to be a productive and compliant member of our society.

I mean, surely the authorities and experts are much more knowledgeable, experienced and wiser than I. They have the positions they do because of their altruistic love of mankind. I really need to listen to them and follow their directions.

I also need to pick a political party and register. It's time. I have been an independent my entire life. I really should get serious and pick a side and then stick to it.

Not having SMART devices I realize now is a mistake. I've decided to spend as much money as we can on technology. Our home really needs to catch up with the times. I mean, seriously now, the planet would benefit from me being more sustainable and the best way to do that is to be as much into SMART technology as possible.

I have come to appreciate the safety in tracking. What if I get lost? I am so much safer if someone always knows where I am and what I'm doing. How I survived without having panic attacks all these years I'll never know. I can now rest assured in my safety and security.

I appreciate the role of our local, state, and federal government agencies in our lives. I didn't realize just how much I need and benefit from them until now. I am truly gratified for all their hard work on our behalf. I might even pay a bit extra in taxes to show my appreciation.

I tell ya folks, I never knew such freedom was possible. I am finally free. Free from myself. I can soar into the clouds of comfort knowing that all is well because I am loved.

If I type and say this everyday, would AI be confused?

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know if you get a huge update too. Surely this has nothing to do with a recent video I watched that has been scrubbed from the net. Surely not. Nothing at all to do with anything I have posted this month either. Surely not. I have a ton of stuff saved on my computer. It's not like my hard drive was copied. Surely not.

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Seems like the time away has do you good. I am curious what brought on the new you. Which sage or guru have you been speaking to? :-)

As to the political party? Why choose a party? Why don't vote for the best candidate - the one whom you think can do a better job.?


LOL. American politics. Sigh. So much garbage. Getting crazy over here friend. A windows update should never take 3 hours. Never seen this in my life. Something is up. I bet ya my hard drive got scanned and let me tell you. I have over 300 videos I've made plus all the footage, images, clips, and so on. Tons of lists of links and documents. I am willing to bet I got investigated and the update was a cover for it. These tech companies are partnered with the government. Why else would it take 3 hours. So now I have a friendly post on my social media about being a good compliant little girl. LOL.

Don't worry. I will always be an independent. I don't choose sides since both are corrupt.


American politics. No comments. :-)

The update hasn't reached here yet. But I have been forewarned. It is taking that long. Nothing wrong with your hard drive. Rest assured if the powers to be wants to know what you are up to, they would have already known. :-)