Is Acquisitive Buster Team ? @Fatesick Spam Comment Problem

2 years ago

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Dear Community

After several intense days, we have been attacked by FateSick because his wishes were not achieved, so he attacked weku site and also the discord server.

And he also spreads some news that makes weku users angry at the busters team. But the question is what he said was true or not? And because of his talk many weku users began to be disappointed with the buster team.

I will answer this question and you can judge it yourself, is this a busters team error or this is all done by Fatesick because his wishes are not fulfilled. We don't want any secrets, so let's solve this problem.

Regarding spam comments made by Fatesick


I will try to explain one by one from the questions made by @Fatesick, and you can judge it yourself.

If we look at the current list of witnesses, we will find three accounts managed by @siamcat, but do you know why @siamcat registered these three accounts as witnesses?

@Siamcat registered three of her accounts as a witness because her wanted to protect weku from scammers. Why, because at this time weku is still weak and needs strict escort after what happened in the past, but after weku normal such as whaleshares and witnesses was opened to the public, her would no longer do the same.

In fact, her told us before her registered her accounts as a witness that her would not take any of the results from these accounts, all of the token produce in whitelist and wekubusters will be use to community, even the cost of paying for the server her was holding on to himself by paying using her personal money.

Is this an act of corruption committed by @siamcat or a kindness, please judge it. But if you ask me without defending any party I will answer that @siamcat does good things, you will see the results later.


Why does Fatesick do this if he wants to do good for this platform ?

Don't be fooled by him, from the first he only thought of himself regardless of this platform. If indeed he really wants to make this platform better, he won't do all this and will wait until the witness is opened to the public.

Why siamcat did not give him the position of witness? He did not get witness because he kept asking for delegations he asked for some one time and I believe got turned down but offered free server and upvote one a day for doing development for weku. He said he did not need server and was asked what he wanted. Delegations one time and started what he is doing now.

And by the way, @siamcat wanted to put him as a witness after the witness was opened to the public and @siamcat tried to make him a witness, but he did not want to wait and take revenge on people who want to help him by trying to destroy the platform, this is an irony right?

Can you imagine if he got the witness node now what would he do? He could do something to the detriment of this platform and also destroy the hopes of the Wekuians.

And now we can see the true nature of him after his desires are not fulfilled, he tries to destroy this platform and I'm pretty sure that he won't stop for a long time.

There is nothing we hide from all of you. After what I have said here, I'm sure you can judge who he really is. There is nothing we need to hide, We Are Weku together we can bring this platform even better.


After you read all this, what are your opinions. Please submit your opinion in the comments, you are free to opinion even though it is not related to this case.

We will try our best to help the users and also this platform, we will always be with you.

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good afternoon friend @ supportweku-io! My opinion on the subject is in my last post!

Jeden Tag das selbe Geseier.

good explanation @supportweku-io
hope they read and understand it. which is good, and which is not good

@ supportweku-io Hello dear friend. Excellent post
You could not expect less from you and your team. @siamcat is a woman who does a lot for this platform, I spend a lot of time of her personal time so that this is like this, no one more deserved of the position that she occupies today and therefore deserves to be trusted and given all the support you need.
Its transparency can not be questioned, the witness list is public and it is we who cast our vote and support, for this end of the question.

People can have a different opinion and have different points of view, but this is not the way to do it, this is my humble opinion.

Thank you very much for sharing this valuable information
I wish everyone a great day

There is no problem without solution. Keep doin all the best, and wait the result soon.

supportweku-io terimakasih atas semua ini kami sengat senang mendengar. Hal hal yang seperti ini semoga kedepannya supportweku-io semakin maju dan sukses,



Curation support. We Are Weku!

Is there any way to disable his accounts because his mass spam is enough, he has shown is true colors, anyone with the best interest of the platform wouldn't behave in this way and spamming all over it. I muted most of the rogue accounts but putting myself in an investor's shoes for a moment, his actions because he didn't get his way are a stain on the platform and there are better ways of expressing concern than this sort of childish behavior and it's dragging everyone and weku down trying to make this a serious and successful project. His actions prove that this project still requires some form of centralization to protect weku from bad actors.